1-11-11: What I learned Today…

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1-11-11: What I learned Today…

What did this Willis learn today? She learned:

Love comes in many shapes and sizes. The love of parents, of children, of your husband, from a sister, a sister-in-law…nieces that list goes on and on into extended family and cousins. The love of friends taking time out of their day to wish you a happy birthday-which speaks of their heart. I am so blessed with the friendships, loving family members, business acquaintances that I believe are becoming friends…words can’t compare.

Today I visited 44 blogs on the 2011 Dream Team Blog List…I read 1 post from each. Whether it was about expecting a new baby, children changing schools, prayer at the dinner table, peeking in someone’s windows while driving by, food & movie reviews, getting out of debt, people’s pets, other countries (I visited Japan & Belgium today just by reading someone’s blog)…This was in fact the best birthday ever cause I was at home, with a husband in the next room while I sat and read, laughed, reflected and felt the love that is in my life…I am blessed.

Sometimes we are so busy we forget to look around and feel thankful for a roof over our heads, a spouse to love, to be loved by our children, food in our belly, dry clothes to wear and clean sheets…and today I took that ALL in and had the BEST birthday ever!

Thank you EVERYONE that was a part of this day…it was like the biggest birthday party EVER!




Wife, mother, grandma, blogger, all wrapped into one person, although it does not define her these are roles that are important to her. From empty nesters to living with our oldest and 2 grandchildren while our house is rebuilt after a house fire in 10/2018 my life is something new each day.

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Happy birthday!! You actually stopped in Germany briefly too as well since you were over on NOH 🙂

Sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxing day…may the year ahead be full of success, health and happiness!