10 Best College Party Movies


Nothing can be compared to the first college party. Lots of stories and fun memories are usually related to this experience. How easy is it to organize a student party? How complicated is it to spend the whole night singing songs, playing games, and watching movies in the campus? Well, it is quite difficult to find spare time to enjoy the party, especially when you are still searching for the essay writers from top essayservice or  top essay writing services reviews on the one tab, and browse movie recommendations on the other. Difficult but not impossible. Opt for the leading academic paper writing platform, forget about the worries and party. As judged by edubirdie review, you are not the first, and definitely not the last student who has ordered custom homework assistance before a big college celebration.

Have you got enough words of encouragement? Now get ready to become a bit disappointed. The overwhelming majority of epic college parties have never happened in real life. They occurred at the cinema only. Nevertheless, the success of the event depends on you and your friends. Read the list of the top 10 funniest and craziest movies to be well-prepared for an unforgettable college party.

The Party Animal

An Academy Award-winning performance of the film will make you laugh from the first second. Basically, it is a fun story about a man, who struggles to have his first sex. An excellent blend of different styles in movies makes it special and entertaining.

Dead Man on Campus

The unexpected plot of the movie will keep you on the edge of the seat. In fact, it is a comedy film that tells the story of a usual college stoner, who is constantly searching for easy ways to succeed by cheating.

Van Wilder

A German-American comedy film tells a story of a seventh-year senior, struggling to graduate. The movie would be undergrade without a love triangle and the constant attempts of the antagonist to earn his living.

The Social Network

In addition to telling the story of Facebook founding, The Social Network is an important document of how parties were organized in the early twenties. The biographical movie is not only interesting but quite educational and useful for ambitious students.

Good Will Hunting

The story of Matt Damon, who is playing the role of a young and ambitious man will inspire you to discover and develop hidden talents. The main character of the movie is ultimately gifted in chemistry and mathematics, though he does not acknowledge what his talent can offer.

Lean on Me

Based on a true story, the dramatized biographical movie tells about the life of a teacher, who has once been a principal at school, where he is currently working as a teacher. The film will help you to re-evaluate the opportunities you are given, get encouraged and stay positive, no matter what.

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A college student accidentally discovers that some of his classmates are scamming the exam system. The smart boy uses the situation for his own benefit, threatening to snitch on them, but promising to keep a secret if they help to gain the attention of his crush.

Love and Basketball

The movie is a perfect story of two childhood friends, who become successful basketball players. Happy moments of college life, the challenges of earning money, and the beauty of the first love are all mixed together in this excellent movie.


The sports drama depicts the story of Jackie Robinson, famous America’s baseball player. The film will never leave students indifferent, as it shows a great example of moderation, perseverance, and determination, which are the best traits of a human character ever known.


Despite a common belief that scamming is a comparatively new notion, Accepted proves its existence in far 2006. At that time a brilliant idea comes to a mind of a trivial student and he makes his own fake school, after being rejected from several colleges. It’s a perfect solution to the problem, isn’t it?!

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