4 Safety Features Your Next Family Vehicle Needs To Have

If you are a parent, safety will always be one of the highest priorities when purchasing any new car. Making sure your vehicle is equipped with the latest technology to help keep your children safe is part of responsible parenting, and when considering potential vehicles the range of safety options available could well be the deciding factor.

But with safety technology improving so rapidly, knowing what the must-have new features are can be difficult. Many automotive companies like Nissan, Ford, and Mazda are building their own branded driving systems that often include sophisticated safety options, but to those who are unfamiliar with the latest automotive technology, it can be hard to parse whether these custom systems offer the same protection as individual safety features like ABS.

Shoppers who navigate the automotive market using online marketplaces like KijijiAutos.ca that allow them to search vehicles by specific types and features.

Blind Spot Assist

When a collision occurs, one of the first things drivers usually say is, “I didn’t see him coming.” This is usually the case: many accidents happen simply because drivers were not in each other’s sight lines. As automotive technology has improved, it has become easier for car designers to deal with some of the biggest blind spot issues that have traditionally plagued drivers.

Rear-view cameras, which are now standard in many jurisdictions, have dramatically improved driver’s abilities to see what is going on behind them. Blind spot assist technology, on the other hand, is helping reduce visibility holes on a car’s sides using radar sensors to monitor when other vehicles are closing in on it.

4 Safety Features Your Next Family Vehicle Needs To Have

Lane Departure Warning

Lane departure warning is a technology that sends off alarms when a vehicle is about to depart from its lane. Using video and laser sensors, similar to the technology used to locate police camerasfor that reason, you should read this comparison of Uniden r3 vs r1 to have the right view for each one, lane departure technology emits a warning when a vehicle starts drifting into traffic, and advanced forms of this technology can even help steer the car back into its own lane, making it a technology for reducing accidents caused by fatigue or distraction.


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Adaptive Headlights

A key part of driving safety is seeing what is ahead of you, and this means having good quality headlights. While cars have been equipped with different headlight options like high and low beams for decades, a series of technological breakthroughs have ushered in a new kind of headlight altogether, one that adapts to the speed and conditions of the car to provide the best illumination.

Nearly half of all fatal accidents occur at night, and through a sophisticated array of sensors and motors in the lights themselves, adaptive headlights swivel automatically to help drivers see further down the road and around curves, giving them time to respond to obstacles on the road before it’s too late.  

Shopping for a new car always involves prioritizing some features over others, and for most families, finding the best deal means striking a compromise. But one thing that should never be compromised is the safety of your children, which is why you should make sure that the next car you purchase comes with life-saving features like blind spot assist, lane departure warnings, and adaptive headlights.

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