4 Tips on How to Customize Print on Demand Calendars


Are you looking to create a personalized gift that can be enjoyed for a full year? 

If so, you should consider designing a custom calendar. Calendars make excellent gifts for parents, grandparents, siblings, and any other family member, and they can enjoy beautiful photos of your family for a full year to come. 

However, designing a full calendar from scratch can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Keep reading to learn more about print on demand calendars, and some helpful tips that will enable you to design a beautiful calendar on your own. 

How to Design Print on Demand Calendars 

Designing and printing a full calendar might sound like a lot of work, but it is quite easy, and whoever receives your calendar will love the personal touch of the gift. 

Here are four steps to help you build perfect print on demand calendars: 

  1. Gather Inspiration and Find Templates 

The first step is laying out how you want your calendar to look. You can browse the internet to see what others have created to gather some inspiration. Sites like Pinterest are full of ideas and also offer different design elements you can download and save for

Even after you’ve gathered some inspiration and have a rough idea of what you’re looking for, designing a calendar from scratch is intimidating. Beginning designers can use a calendar template to help get started. 

  1. Prepare Your Photos 

After you know what photos you want to use in your calendar, you’ll need to make sure you have digital versions of each. You’ll also need to ensure they are the right size, file type, and that they are high-quality photos. 

You don’t want to use low-quality pictures in your calendar. During the printing process, they can turn blurry and grainy, which will ruin the final product. Make sure you consult the website you’re using to design the calendar and use their recommended image size. 

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  1. Browse Design Tools and Personalize 

Not all online design tools are created equal. Make sure you browse online tools and try out multiple websites before choosing the one that’s best for you. Don’t merely go with the website that offers the lowest price. With custom designs, you often get what you pay for. 

  1. Add Finishing Touches 

Your calendar design can go beyond choosing images, fonts, and colors. You can also upgrade the calendar by adding finishing touches. These touches can include adding a wall hanging piece, so it is easy to display. 

If you decide to print your calendar at home, you might want to invest in card stock or another thick paper to make it look more professional. You can also use a hole punch to bind the calendar together or take it to a print shop to have it bound there. 

Learn More About Designing Custom Calendars and More 

Print on demand calendars are a fun way to personalize your gifts, and they make the perfect present for someone who has everything. Make sure you check out the rest of our website for some helpful design tips and inspiration that will help you get creative.

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