The 5 Kinds Of Stationery You Should Always Keep At Home

The 5 Kinds Of Stationery You Should Always Keep At Home

You don’t have to be stationery obsessive to have a great supply at home. While it is definitely going to be true that if you are a huge lover of stationery, you probably have an awful lot of it just sat there ready to be used, some people will be the exact opposite. And for those of you that are forever struggling to find a pen when you need one, something has to give. You may not want to go all out and fall to the other end of the spectrum, but you should definitely look to stock up on some essentials. Because when you have an event coming up, or you even just have paperwork to sort through, you’ll be glad you had everything to hand. So let’s take a look at the things that you should always look to keep at home.


First up is a notebook. And we do mean just one! Because everyone will need to write down notes, ideas, plans, phone numbers, or other random thoughts and information in their life. And it’s never a great idea to jot stuff down on the back of important letters, or on envelopes that will just be thrown out. So, to make this exciting for you, be sure to shop at some pretty office supplies stores to find a notebook you love. You may even want to get a couple for different purposes, such as random thoughts, plans, and bills.

Post-It Notes

Then, there’s the need for post-it notes. These are great for reminders. Because you’re not always going to want to rip out a page of your pretty notebook to put a note on the fridge or by the phone. Instead, a stack of brightly colored post-its will be exactly what you need to remind yourself of plans, to call people, or when to eat certain leftovers by!

The 5 Kinds Of Stationery You Should Always Keep At Home


Thank You Notes

And it’s always a great idea to have thank you cards in the house. From GIftsin24 personalized wedding thank you cards that you would actually plan to need, to personalized stationery that you can keep for impromptu thank you’s, it’s always good to say thank you. And the pretty stationery designs that you can choose from it also a plus.

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If you’re someone that always needs to mail a letter, but then has to go and buy a single envelope just to do that, then you’ll benefit from having a stack of them stored safely at home. From filling out different forms to sending off information, this can happen a lot. So it’s always going to be more convenient to be prepared.

Printer Paper

Finally, everyone needs printer paper. Well, those that have printers that is. Even if you only ever print off a few forms or pieces of information each year, there’s nothing more annoying than getting your printer ready and trying to print, than realizing that you ran out of paper and didn’t restock it. But by keeping a bunch at home, you won’t have to deal with this issue again.


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