9 Ways to Manage Post-Baby Expenses


When you become a parent, this is the most joyful and exciting moment, but when you settle down and start to think about the expenses you are going to bear, this will give you a little bit of panic attack but don’t worry this is all normal. 

Remember, you’re in for a challenging ride. There will be ups and downs before you perfectly understand how to tackle your baby’s budget along with other expenses. When you become a parent, it will keep your finances in flux for many coming years. Even with every year, your expenses will start to grow with them, first their diapers, then their schooling, then graduation, and the list goes on unless or until they become independent.

But you need to stay calm as with simple techniques and methods you will learn how to manage your baby budget in no time, and obviously, the bundle of happiness and joys your baby comes along with is worth every penny.  

To make it convenient for you, I have compiled down some very useful, my personal favorite and experienced techniques which will help you to make your budget flexible and easy. 

  • Clothing

Babies outgrow so fast and within months you will notice that their size has been changed. There is no shame for asking your close friends and family for their child’s old clothes which are still in good condition. This is extremely normal, mothers exchange baby’s clothes all the time and your kid would also love to wear his big cousin onesie plus you save plenty of money. 

  • Formula route 

Always prefer breast milk but if you are going to adopt the formula route, it would be better if you ask your Pediatrician to give you samples to try out. Always look up for coupons of the manufacturer. But still, if you are trying to save money from all highly priced formula milk, then consider pumping or nursing milk for your baby.

  • Make your own baby food. 

You might be busy and have no time to make your baby’s food, but still, you need to look on the other side of the book, which will explain to you that how pureeing your own green peas will help you save plenty of money. You can also grab some amazing budget-friendly meals like cheerios, cereals, bland food, or other bite-sized food. It will help your baby to get used to customized solid food. 

  • Childcare

If you and your partner both go to work, then there’s no doubt that you have to pay a handful of money to your baby’s nanny. You can ask your parents to take care of the child while you are at work if it is not possible then lookup for baby daycare centers. Believe me, this will be a big budget saver for you. 

  • Toys and books

There is a great possibility that you will get these from your family or friends as a gift. But still, if you’re in the mood to spend a little bit money on these, then collect some coupons and lookup for those secondhand shops. Plus, you can go to the library to read books for your little one.

  • Life insurance

When you become a mom, you start to see the world from a whole new perspective. It’s an excellent idea to place your life insurance before your baby is born. 

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  • Higher electric and water bills

You might have already noticed, or you will notice now that your electric and water bills have started to go up because of all the extra laundry you’ve been doing since your baby has arrived. It’s an easy tip, wait until your dirty clothes basket fills up. Trust me, with these automatic machines, it will not take much time plus you will save some money too. 

  • Diapers

Okay, it might sound controversial, but you can use cloth diapers for your newborn. But it is still worth noting that your new baby pops every other or second hour and thinks how much diapers you must use in a day. Instead of buying disposable diapers every other day. You can initiate the investment for reusable diaper clothes. 

  • Lookup for reasonable baby brands

Although every mother’s definition of reasonable is different but believe me spending money on those baby brands who only sell their name instead of quality clothes is not a wise idea. I would suggest you take a visit to the whole market and at the end decide yourself which is more suitable for you.

 I did that too when my first child was born and I ended up finalizing 2 to 3 baby clothing brands including koala baby boutique clothing, you too must go for a baby brand hunt and find out which one suits your budget the most. Don’t waste your time on average when you can find great baby clothing treasure in the market. 

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