Banish The Stress Before The Summer

Banish The Stress Before The Summer

The summertime is almost here, and that means spending your free days off with the ones that you love. Just think about the delicious barbecue parties that you will be able to throw, as the sun shines down on you, warming your skin, as you sip on a delicious homemade cocktail. What gets better than that?

One thing you don’t want to be faced with is pent-up stress that has crept in past the unraveled seams in your mind. There are so many things that cause you stress, whether it’s the job that you’re in, the lifestyle you lead, your relationship status, or the outside world. While the planet we live on is truly beautiful, there are also many ugly things in it, and no matter how hard we may true to avoid the negativity, it’s very hard in this day and age now that technology has become so advanced and we, as a population, constantly have our heads down looking at the screens in front of us. There is so much intelligence and power we have access to because of that, but it can also be our kryptonite that holds us back from seeing what’s truly good, and beautiful, and magical in the world.

Eat well and sleep better

This by no means to go on a diet and try and lose tons of weight. – This isn’t good for you, and it will only take its toll on your body, physically and mentally. So don’t race to buy the next best fad diet cure – instead, give yourself what your body needs by feeding it all the good nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. As long as you eat in moderation and include a lot of fruit and veg into what you eat, there is no reason you can’t have a naughty snack here and there. You also need to make sure that you are keeping yourself hydrated – especially now it’s getting hotter. And another important thing is to get enough sleep. Five hours isn’t enough, nor six, and even seven is still pushing it. You should be trying to get around eight hours of sleep every single night, as that is how long your body needs to regenerate itself and start a fresh day strong enough to do so. Lack of sleep will not only make you feel exhausted, but you will be feeling grumpy, miserable, and lack any kind of energy to focus. One thing you need to know is that you can’t ‘catch up’ on your sleep. That doesn’t exist. It’s not a real thing. Once you’ve lost those hours in the day – they’re gone forever, and you’re starting on a new slate. So rather than trying to make time up to your sleep, just go to bed earlier. Your body and mind will feel so much better.

Get your home sorted   

Believe it or not, the look and feel of your home can have a huge impact on your emotional state. We often hear that common phrase about how a messy home leads to a messy mind, and however, cliche it sounds, it’s also very true. Think of it this way – your home is a place that you buy because you have decided that it seems worthy of having you live inside it, and spend endless hours there, and create memories there, and possibly even build a family there, so it holds a lot of power and expectation. So the moment things don’t seem to be going right – or at least not the way you wanted them to – that causes a problem. It can stem from something as minor as leaving an object out on the table. You may walk past it a few times and mutter to yourself that you need to put it back where it belongs. This then continues over a period of days, and within no time your table is covered full of random bits and bobs that don’t belong there. And voila – clutter is formed. This then accumulates over time and you will soon find that your home is disorganised and rather ugly, and all of that could’ve been avoided with some home maintenance tips. So try and clean regularly so you’re not left with a whole entire house to scrub from head to toe.

Manage your mental health

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Dealing with things is hard, no matter your age, your background, or your career, there are always going to be times where we feel as though life just isn’t on our side. For some people, they have a bad day or two, and they are able to pick themselves up and get their brain into thinking in a more positive way again, but for others, it’s just not that easy. What starts out as a little bit of stress, can drastically get worse and may end up leaving you feeling rather depressed and anxious. You will hope that you can catch it before that happens, but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. You may begin to really struggle with general activities and feel really low in yourself, so much so that you don’t even feel the need to get out of bed. This is never a good sign, and if you start to get negative thoughts like this, you need to think about talking to someone. It’s as simple as going to your doctor and explaining how you feel. They will then take the appropriate action in order to get you feeling better again. You may find that you need to take some medication to level out the chemical imbalance in your brain. Or talking therapy with a  trained therapist who will give you new coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with situations that you may find difficult.

Now you know what you need to do in order to get rid of all that stress, make sure that you take the time to implement these things into your life. Once that’s done you can focus on having the best summer that you possibly can, with the ones you love.

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