Best Motorcycle Helmets for Less Than $250

Best Motorcycle Helmets for Less Than $250

You have so many choices when it comes to the selection of new motorcycle helmets. In order to get the perfect overall protection, your best bet is to choose a full-face motorcycle helmet, but even in this category, you have a number of options. One way people narrow down their choices is with a specific budget. And this is why we have brought to you have the best motorcycle helmets for less than $250. Though you have several criteria to choose a helmet, price proves to be the most important of all. Take a look at the list:

  • Scorpion EXO-R420 ($140-155)

Scorpion is a big name in the field of motorcycle riding gear. The helmet has been on sale for over a year now and has proven its mettle well. The interior padding can easily be removed and washed. It has two giant vents- one near the chin and the other at the head. It comes with Ellip-Tec II Ratchet system to provide a clear visor to quickly come out.

  • HJC IS-Max 2 Dova ($199- 210)

Dissimilar to the LS2, this HJC helmet modular lid doesn’t permit you to ride with your chin piece pushed up. However, it allows the helmet to open when you are off the mount. The bottom of the helmet can easily be lifted up because of its single button, one-hand drafted system. It comes decked with retractable sunshade with three adjustment levels. The head and chin vents offer ACS (advanced channeling ventilation) for proper air circulation from front to the back.

  • Bell Qualifier ($100-110)

The Qualifier requires no introduction. The company is a big name in this field and remains to be the favorite of a lot of riders to date. The polycarbonate shell is light in weight. It has a chin vent with two head vent to keep your head cool from front to back. There is a cushioned wind collar for optimal wind permeability and noise reduction. It also features a speaker pocket to include a com system.

  • AGV K1 ($200- 215)

Launched in the year 2019, the K1 has been crafted keeping the aerodynamics in mind and boasts of Moto GP inspired specs along with an air intake located just above the visor in the forehead center. So, all in all, it has 5 air intakes for perfect ventilation. The outer shell has been manufactured with High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin with visor being fog and scratch proof and UV safe. It has an easy release mechanism for simple replacement.

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  • Icon Airmada ($175-185)

Crafted with injection molded, polycarbonate shell for better durability and health, the Icon Airmada meets all the safety and testing standards. It is one of the best helmets which comes with a removable breath deflector to avoid fogging. It also features fog-free optics cover with Prolock shield locking scheme.

  • Speed & Strength SS700 ($96- 105)

It features an innovative thermo-poly Alloy shell with cool core liner. It offers an all-clear vision system and meets all the safety and testing standards. The helmet boasts of air strike direct course ventilation system for optimal air circulation.

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