Boredom Busting Ideas

Boredom busting ideas
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At the risk of sounding a little keen – the summer holidays are coming! The end of the school year is worryingly insight and I have no idea where the last few months have gone! But with the summer holidays fast approaching, we soon remember how long those six weeks can be, and because we can’t go to all the UK’s top attractions and the fantastic local ones every day, we’re sure to hear the familiar cry of “I’m bored”, at least once or twice a week!

So, if you’re hoping to be super organized this year and have everything planned and itineraries sorted from the moment the last bell rings on that Friday afternoon in July then read on! Here you’ll find some super boredom saving activities you can do with the kids on the quieter days of the holidays.

Get them gardening

When the sun is out, get the kids out in the garden! Got some summer blooms you want plants in the garden? Get the kids involved, or better still let them have their very own area of the flowerbed and let them choose what they want to plant. Visit The Tree Center for a little plant inspiration.

You could take it a step further and let them paint their own plant pots to then fill with their chosen plants. Making it personal to them and giving them a sense of achievement. Growing veggies and fruit is also a rewarding task too!

If your garden is more of a yard space, or you only have a balcony or windowsill to play with, then don’t be discouraged. Simply create an indoor garden instead or make use of the areas you have.

Have a movie night/afternoon

It’s not always sunny during the holidays. If the weather is rubbish then what could be better than snuggling up on the sofa and watching a film together. Don’t forget all the popcorn, snacks and drinks! Let the kids take it in turns to pick the film or put the names of films they want to watch in a hat and draw one out – it’ll save arguments, trust me!

Bake something

Kids love getting messy, and kids love cake! Why not make something that you can both enjoy afterward! A sticky chocolate cake, a tray of rocky-road or cookies. You could even make your own ice cream and make an ice cream decorating station.

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Rough and tumble

It’s always a good idea to let the kids run off some steam, especially if they’ve been cooped up inside all day because of poor weather. Why not have an indoor sumo wrestling match? It’s a lot easier and safer (under your supervision) than you may think. Simply find a couple of old, oversized t-shirts, stuff a pillow up the front and back and voila! Your very own makeshift wrestling costume!

A treasure hunt

Create a map for your kids to “buried” treasure or leave clues around the house for the kids to find in order to find their prize – or hide the remote and let them hunt it down!


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