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How would you like to win a 15 day free subscription to DepositPhotos where you can get 5 images per day during that 15 day subscription period? (75 photos total). If I were to purchase 75 photos it would cost me $75 for 75 ($1.00 photos). This is a great deal for the person that likes to use buy stock photos for their personal use, website use or whatever creative use you would have for them.

I have been using Royalty Free stock photos for over a year now and I was always uptight about having to buy an expensive package that I might not use right away. With DepositPhotos you get choices of purchasing $10 worth of credits which if you purchase the smallest size (x-small image 324×370 (.12MP), 4.5″x5.1″ (72dpi) they are only 50 cents each. You only pay if you download the image! I purchase the Small size which is 661×756(0.5MP), 9.2″x10.5″(72dpi) which are perfect for using in website headers and more. I can re-size them or use them at full size. Their choices range from x-small (.50 cents each) to  x-large $4.00 each OR you can purchase Vectors for $9.00 each which fit any dimension and have no limits. But vectors can also be purchased in any of the sizes mentioned. This just depends on your project! Subscription plans are also available for those that need to download multiple images a day with the smallest subscription plan being the 3 day package which allows you 10 images a day for the 3 days at $19.00. To view their other package offers you can go to Available Packages, they also offer a Free 7-day trial which gives you 5 images a day for the 7 days for FREE.

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I would recommend DepositPhotos to anyone that wants a variety of images to choose from, that are quality and easy to download and obtain.  After using DepositPhotos I do not have any plans of going anywhere else! Also, you can pick your images and store them in your shopping cart and only download the ones you want that day, come back another day and download the other ones you have found.

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