Dessert Decorating for under $21

dessert-decorating image

dessert-decorating image

Dessert Decorating for under $21

As I mentioned in my post Easy & Fun Halloween Sugar Cookie Cut-outsI used to bake and decorate cakes for different occasions. Thing is, back then my Mom bought all of my supplies. Either I would get them for birthday gifts, or Christmas, or if she knew I was making one for a cakewalk (do you remember those? lol). She would then help me out.

Obviously this doesn’t include the ‘ingredients’ to make the actual dessert. But if you decide you want to decorate your child(ren)’s birthday cakes, or cakes for different occasions; this will start your collection.

  • 1. I found themed cupcake liners in the Halloween/Fall section of Walmart for $1.88.
  • 2. The sprinkles I also got for $1.88 in the Halloween section; they had a few varieties but I chose these to start my Halloween collection.
  • 3. (not pictured) I purchased 3 cookie cutters in 1 package; guess I forgot to include them in the picture. These cost $2.88.
  • 4. I decided to purchase disposal cake decorating bags because I used to despise the reusable ones when it came time to clean them out. I got the 12 pack for $4.00
  • 5.  They had a few choices of tips, I kind of wished I had gotten the bigger ones- but these worked for now ( I will get them on my next trip!) $3.00
  • 6.  The couplers are important as they hold the tips onto the bag. They are 2 pieces; one goes inside the bag, and then the tip fits on the outside of the bag, then you tighten the ring, and then you are ready to fill the bag.

I also included the cost of the clothlike tablecloths. For me, I used them to take pictures for now, as Walmart was out of the poster board tri-fold I was trying to get.  But if you want to purchase an inexpensive tablecloth to keep the mess down you can. This package of tablecloths were good size and contained 2 for $4.97.  But if you want a nice reusable one you can get a nice size one for about that price.

Also, you can purchase color chips to color your frosting or what I did was use food coloring that I already had on hand.


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  • When using more than one color you can separate your frosting into a couple smaller bowls to color and then keep them in the fridge if you want to keep them a bit cooler. The softer (warmer) the frosting the faster it squeezes out.
  • For larger cakes or cookie cakes you will want the larger tips to cover more area. Smaller tips are great for cupcakes, cookies etc.
  • If you use the color red in a Wilton type brand be careful not to overuse as it can give the frosting a bitter taste.

If you have never done this before it is fun to practice on a cake for the kids- because cake and frosting? Two great things that go together and the kids don’t mind if it isn’t perfect.


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