DIY Dream Home: 7 Home Decor Instagram Accounts to Follow!

DIY Dream Home: 7 Home Decor Instagram Accounts to Follow!

Are you planning on redesigning or redecorating your home for the new year? Do you want to do it without emptying your bank account on a snooty and expensive interior designer?

Lucky for you, the world of DIY is at your fingertips with the power of Instagram. Simply follow some of the best home decor Instagram accounts, find inspiration that matches your aesthetic, and get to decorating!

However, with around 1 billion active Instagram accounts out there, you might be overwhelmed by where to start. You’re in luck again: we’ve already sifted through the thousands of Instagram home decor accounts and made this list of the top 7. Keep reading to get started on your DIY inspo.

1. Sasha Bikoff

For our first account, let’s keep it traditional. Sasha Bikoff (@sashabikoff on Instagram) is known for her extravagant and lavish rooms that scream “old New York money.”

However, her designs are never gaudy or ugly. They infuse traditional design aesthetics with vintage pieces and timeless design elements. She uses grand chandeliers, vintage rugs, and classic color combinations to make each room look (and feel) grand.

2. Kristofer Johnsson

Going from Sasha Bikoff designs to Kristofer Johnsson designs is like taking an express jet from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Kristofer Johnsson (@kristofer_johnsson) decor ideas are best described as “moody minimalist hipster.” Sticking to greys, whites, and blacks along with minimalist furniture and simple art pieces, you might feel like his designs belong in the Museum of Modern Art.

His style is great for those who love simple but striking home decor. It’s not the most colorful of designs, but you can always take his ideas and put your own colorful twist on them if you want a bit more brightness in your life.

3. Studio McGee

Clean, modern, bright, open.

Those are the words to describe Studio McGee’s Instagram feed (@studiomcgee). This married couple’s design company creates gorgeous home interiors that are ready for family gatherings, making memories in the living room, and basking in the light of huge, open living spaces.

Their designs feature a lot of blank white walls that make your home look clean and fresh. The furniture is both functional and gorgeous, with many large sofas, storage spaces that double as benches, and plenty of seating to host all of your friends and family.

If you’re looking to make your home the destination for family events, birthday parties, or family game nights without turning your home into a messy looking clubhouse, then take some notes from Studio McGee’s feed.

4. Justina Blakeney

If boho is more your style, add Justina Blakeney’s feed to your list (@justinablakeneyhome on Instagram).

With an eye for bright colors, boho patterns, amazing textiles, and furniture/art pieces that scream “bungalow”, you’ll have plenty of dreamy jungle inspiration for your home. She even has her own company that sells decor items that go right along with her boho aesthetic.

Her designs will have you decorating your home like it’s a jungle conservatory or wanting to add an orangery onto your house (click here to figure out the difference between the two).

5. Coming Soon NY

We all know that New York is the center of fashion and design. It’s in New York where you’ll see all of the newest fads, the latest trends, and the coolest home decor designs starting.

So if you want to keep up with the coolest, trendiest, and most hipster home designs no matter where you live, follow Coming Soon NY (@comingsoonny) for what they describe as “contemporary and vintage home design.”

How do those two descriptors come together? Well, vintage, retro, and repurposed items are hot design trends right now. You’ll see vintage items from the 80s and 90s incorporated into an entirely modern and trendy interior.

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Coming Soon NY plays with colors, patterns, and designs from past decades and combines them with modern minimalism and clean simple lines.

It sounds like a tough aesthetic to nail, and it is. But Coming Soon NY does an excellent job at it, which makes it a great home decor Instagram to follow if you’re struggling with that aesthetic yourself.

6. The Tiny Canal Cottage

Most of the accounts display huge homes filled with their designs. But what if, like many of us, you don’t have that kind of space?

That’s where The Tiny Canal Cottage account comes in (@whitneyleighmorris on Instagram). Run by designer Whitney Leigh Morris, this account preaches that you don’t have to live large to live beautifully.

Morris’ designs are perfect for small homes and apartments that make the most of the space you have while making you feel like you live in a grand mansion. Morris is also focused on sustainability and the environment with her designs, both of which are important considerations nowadays.

7. Design Seeds

This last account is a little bit different from the others on this list since it doesn’t actually show home decor. What it does do is take images of nature, homes, flowers, and architecture and break those images down into gorgeous color palette inspiration.

So if you were looking for color design inspiration on how to fill your home with complimentary and aesthetically pleasing colors, this is the account for you.

Home Decor Instagram Accounts: Follow Them All for Inspo!

Whether you’re the queen of a boho style or you want to go all traditional, one of these home decor Instagram accounts is going to give you all the inspiration you need.

If you find yourself needs a little more help when it comes to your home makeover, check out my other articles on home hacks and tips.

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