Employee Appreciation: How to Show Appreciation to Employees

employee appreciation

Are you trying to figure out how to give proper employee appreciation? Read this article to learn how to show appreciation to employees.

Almost 40 million Americans have lost their jobs over the last 9 weeks due to the COVID pandemic. Those that are still holding onto their jobs are scared of cutbacks and what the future holds.

Despite that, your team is probably putting all of their insecurities aside to deliver extraordinary work. Now, more than ever, that work shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Current conditions may make it hard to celebrate your team. So, whether you can execute these ideas now or once you’re back in the office, here’s how to show appreciation to employees.

1. Mail Your Employee a Handwritten Note

This is something you can do no matter where you’re working from. It’s easy to send an employee an email thanking them for their hard work and while they’d certainly appreciate it, a handwritten card is much more unique.

If you can, take a moment to write out a few paragraphs as to why you appreciate a person on your team, throw it in an envelope and mail it off. Your recipient will find themselves grinning the moment they receive your kind words.

2. Donate Your Parking Spot

Parking can be a hassle at some offices. A handful of executives get to circumvent that mess by using their assigned parking spaces.

If that applies to you, show a rotating group of team members your appreciation by letting them park in your space. Giving up parking is simple and will help you appear more grounded to those that work below you.

3. Schedule Quarterly Offsite Events

Team building activities are a wonderful way to show appreciation to employees. It not only increase a team member’s sense of belonging but can also improve their productivity. While in-office team building is nice, nothing beats getting outside.

Head to a local restaurant, park, beach, or anywhere else once per quarter and let your team show off who they are outside of their cubicles.

4. Take Your Subordinate to Lunch

If you have a particular person that reports into you, surprise them now and then by taking them to lunch. Not only does everyone feel appreciated when you feed them but also having a one on one lunch will allow you to bond with a person that you rely on in the trenches daily.

This will improve your working relationship, which could drive value for your organization.

5. Give Out Bonus Days Off

Most companies give a couple of days off around certain holidays. If you can, up the ante on that norm by giving out bonus days. These days can be extensions added to popular holidays or floater holidays that you let team members use at their discretion.

If you don’t have the authority to add days off to your cooperate calendar, let employees work from home with the understanding that they should “take it easy”. They’ll get the message.

6. Encourage and Listen to Feedback

Chances are, your team has an idea or two regarding how things could be better in the office. Let them know that you appreciate that perspective and want to hear it.

Encouraging feedback can take on the form of an open-door policy where you always remind your team that they’re welcome to come to your office and tell you what’s on their mind. If that’s not something you’d appreciate, send out a survey on a bi-weekly basis that allows people to anonymously submit feedback.

When you receive your team’s remarks, take the time to digest them and implement what you can.

7. Celebrate Special Occasions

It doesn’t take many resources to celebrate an employee’s birthday or to make custom coins and award them to employees on their work anniversaries. Believe us when we say though that those small bits of effort will go a long way with team members and your ability to retain them.

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Create a database of your team’s special days. Then, when those days roll around, publicly or privately let them know that you remembered and that their moment is worth celebrating.

8. Make Your Team’s Career Growth a Priority

You can give kudos and gifts until you’re blue in the face but for some people, all of that will be for naught if their careers don’t seem to be progressing. Therein lies one of the absolute best ways you can show team members that they’re valued.

Promotions and raises may be in short supply in the years ahead but if you can muster one up, be sure to do so to retain your best and brightest talent.

Remember, turnover is a lot more expensive than a minor pay and title bump. Stay cognizant of that as you decide on where to save money and where spending makes sense.

9. Share a Simple Thank You

For those that can’t muster up the resources to execute on any of the suggestions we’ve shared, consider just pulling a team member aside and quickly thanking them for their hard work.

While a simple “thank you” is far from the most creative way to show appreciation to an employee, it can be impactful and make someone’s day.

Now That You Know How to Show Appreciation to Employees, Do It!

Right now, a person is sitting on your team feeling underappreciated. This is how their productivity starts to decline and sooner or later they could jump ship. With this guide on how to show appreciation to employees, you now have ideas you can put into action. 

For more pragmatic workplace and career tips, keep reading our blog.

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