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As summer approaches and the hot sun rises high in the sky, you know the time is ripe to switch on your air conditioners and get that soothing, cool air rolling. But nothing’s worse than discovering in the middle of a warm afternoon that your air conditioner has collapsed and is no longer blowing cold air. Hence, it is crucial to look out for the following mentioned warning signs to know whether your air conditioner needs instant repair from

Water Leakage

Continuous air conditioners’ usage causes dirt particles, dust, and debris from the vicinity to settle in the air filters and condensation pipes. As the drain line gets clogged, water begins to accumulate, which causes cooling of the evaporating coil. In the beginning, the air conditioner will struggle to function, but as water continues to block the drain system, the safety water switch will turn off, causing the ac to shut down completely. In addition to this, water leaks also promote fungal growth, which becomes a serious health issue. Thus, to prevent this situation from arising, ring up for repair as soon as you identify water droplets lining your ac frame.

Peculiar Noises

Air conditioners have internal fans that generally issue a low noise that is not hurtful to the ears. However, if your ac lets out a loud, gurgling sound, chances are your device has a broken component. On most occasions, the compressor has snapped, and once it is replaced, the air conditioner is back to functioning correctly. Other times a high-pitched sound means the fans or blower has been chipped. These noises oftentimes occur as a result of malfunctions that can be remedied, keeping in mind that you seek professional help immediately. A routine check-up can also pick up these issues early on.

Foul Odor

When that musty, damp smell permeates the air, you can almost feel yourself getting suffocated and claustrophobic. It generally happens when humidity levels are high, and the air conditioner fails to efficiently remove the air that it takes in from the room. As a result, water vapors condense and form stagnant pools that emanate a soggy odor. Sometimes, a damaged duct also causes a similar problem. If this issue is not addressed on an immediate basis, it may become insufferable for you to turn on your air conditioner and stay in the same room with that foul odor. 

Recurrent Cycles

An air conditioner’s ‘cycle’ refers to the period required to lower the room temperature to the desired temperature. When this happens, the compressor shuts down while the ac continues to operate. However, in the case of a malfunction, the air conditioner undergoes continuous cycles with intermittent breaks. It places an immense burden on its parts, and they might wear down in a short time. Moreover, successive cycles result in more electricity usage; hence the bills shoot up. If you observe your air conditioner short-cycling, get it fixed as soon as possible.

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Low quantity refrigerant or grimy air filters may hamper your air conditioner’s normal functioning. It affects its cooling system, and the ac takes more time than usual to cool the room. As it begins to overheat, it stops blowing out cold air. Unless you get it repaired, your ac will soon stop working altogether.

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