Find the Best Healthy Food That Fits Your Metabolism

Find the Best Healthy Food That Fits Your Metabolism

Slowed down metabolic rate is one of the main reasons for weight gain. If your body can’t burn calories fast enough, you’ll easily gain weight, so you’ll need to look for solutions to a slow metabolism. One of the ways to increase your metabolic rate is to eat foods that are good for your metabolism. From protein-rich foods to those that warm up your body making the calories burn faster, there’s a wide range of foods that can be beneficial for your metabolism.  You will also find greasy hangover food that might run its toll on your digestive system.  Read further to see what types of foods will help you with your metabolism.

Protein-rich foods

A hard-boiled egg contains 6.29 grams of protein, which automatically puts it on top of the metabolism friendly foods. When you need to increase metabolic rate, reach for nutrients that contain plenty of proteins because that’s the nutrient that the body uses the most energy for when it needs to process it. If proteins make for 29% of your food intake, your metabolic rate will be significantly higher. By eating proteins, you’ll feel fuller much faster and you’ll have less chance of overeating. Lentils, peas, chickpeas are just some of the legumes that contain high levels of protein necessary to boost your metabolism. Resistant starch and soluble fibers are great for the intestine, and legumes are filled with them, which makes the bacteria produce fatty acids, making your body use stored fat as energy. 

Warm-up the body with chili peppers

Find the Best Healthy Food That Fits Your Metabolism


When it comes to metabolism-friendly foods, the spicier and hotter, the better. The more you warm up your body when you eat, the better it’ll burn the food and prevent the foods from storing inside your body as fat. Therefore, add chili peppers to your meals to increase the hotness. Because of capsaicin that they contain in abundance, chili peppers will boost metabolism and contribute to weight management. The reason for this is that the body will burn fat while reducing the appetite. 

Control appetite with honey

Another wonderful way to increase body metabolism is to start having honey more often. Drinking a glass of warm water with honey first thing in the morning will both boost your metabolism and reduce your cellulite. What’s more, consuming honey before bed will help the body burn more fat during the night. What’s more, manuka honey is an even better choice. If you look for health food online, you’ll see that Manuka honey plays an essential role in fighting bacteria and viruses which increases energy levels, making the digestive system more stimulated and promoting fat burning.

Nutrient-filled flaxseed

Improving your diet by eating flaxseed will help you boost metabolism and improve metabolic syndrome, i.e. a group of conditions that contribute to diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Thanks to fiber, protein, essential omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients, flaxseed can help your metabolism but also treat arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

Brazil nuts

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Selenium is essential for metabolism and Brazil nuts are one of the richest sources of this mineral. Not only is selenium great for metabolism, but it also plays a significant role in reproduction and immune function. Brazil nuts are also good food for making you feel fuller faster and help you avoid eating too much. The thyroid gland regulates metabolic function, and selenium helps the gland function well so there’s another reason for you to enjoy some Brazil nuts from time to time. However, you should refrain from eating too many nuts, to avoid selenium toxicity. 

Ginger increases metabolic rate

Another great way to increase your body temperature is to add ginger to your meals. Ginger will help you reduce fasting glucose levels. Along with that, ginger will increase high-density lipoprotein i.e. “good” cholesterol. Adding 2 grams of ginger powder in hot water and drinking it with a meal may also increase the calorie-burning process jumpstarting your metabolism. Drinking ginger will also make you feel satiated for longer, which will automatically decrease hunger levels.

Final thoughts

The metabolic rate can be easily increased if you know exactly which foods to eat. Therefore, make sure you stick to the list of foods we offered and you’ll notice the difference very soon. Consume enough protein-rich foods, add spices to your meals, enjoy some honey every once in a while, and snack on Brazil nuts sometimes to help your metabolic rate stay high and prevent weight gain. 

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