Everything You Wish They’d Told You About Getting A Student Loan

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 Getting A Student Loan

Getting a student loan is a big commitment. It will probably be the first loan you will ever take out in your lifetime. And the chances are that it will stick around with you for quite a while to come. Once you graduate, it can be difficult not to panic about paying it back. And you might wonder why you took one out in the first place. Hopefully, this guide to student loans and paying them back can help you out. Here is everything you wish they’d told you about getting a student loan.

They Are Necessary

Unless your parents are paying you through college, you will definitely need a loan. Course fees and general day-to-day living are both very expensive. Don’t think you can get by with a part-time job. You won’t have enough time to take on the hours needed to afford your new lifestyle. And once exams roll around, you will need to dedicate more time to study. So get the loan rather than try to balance work and study.

You Don’t Need To Rush To Pay It Off

Lenders are quite relaxed with student loans. Interest rates aren’t as high as many other loans, and you won’t need to repay it until you start to earn a decent salary. So there is no big rush to pay it all back once you have graduated. Take your time, and wait until you really can afford all the repayments.

Think About Refinancing

If you have a number of loans as well as your student one, it can be worth looking into fed loan refinancing. This is when you take out another loan to pay back all your student loan. One of the main benefits is that all your monthly repayments will be consolidated into just one payment. So you will have fewer lenders harassing you for money. However, one thing to consider that the refinancing loan will come with new repayment terms. Make sure you are able to meet these terms and conditions before you commit to them.

You Might Get Loan Forgiveness

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There are some jobs that qualify for student loan forgiveness. This means, if you are employed in one of these jobs, part or all of your student loan will be wiped off. And that means you won’t need to pay it all back! It is usually jobs that are necessary for society. So doctors and teachers are eligible to apply for loan forgiveness. Don’t forget that you need to apply even if you are eligible. You won’t automatically be given it just because you have started to work as a teacher. The government needs to know that you want it!

While you are going through college, you will almost certainly forget about your loan. But as soon as you graduated, you will instantly be reminded that you need to pay it back! Don’t worry, though. This blog post is full of tips that can help you clear all your debt. Just be smart with your money, and you won’t run into any problems!

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This is good information. Before getting a student loan, I would try to find out as much as possible. I worked 3 jobs concurrently while in college.


Very good points. I was lucky to get a good paying job when I got out of school and paid of my college loan quickly.


All good points. Also, you can’t bankrupt them. A lot of people are not aware of this fact. You can go bankrupt and still have these loans.

Lauryn R
Lauryn R

I definitely wish I was told a lot of these things before I applied for student loans! I am still slowly paying mine off.