Give Something With Meaning: Personalized Custom Birthday Gifts

Give Something With Meaning: Personalized Custom Birthday Gifts

Do you want to give your best friend, your brother or sister, or another special person in your life something other than just a card with $20 inside of it for their birthday this year?

Consider going above and beyond with custom birthday gifts that will really show just how much you care. Personalized gifts will let the recipient know that you put some real time and effort into coming up with the right gift for them.

There are so many amazing custom gifts that you can purchase for any close friend or family member. Think about which custom gifts they might like the most and order them in advance so that they arrive in time for the person’s birthday.

Here are 12 ideas for those interested in buying custom birthday gifts.

1. Coffee Cup

Studies have shown that Americans are drinking more coffee today than at just about any other point in recent history. More than 60 percent of people down at least one cup of coffee on a daily basis.

You can place a person’s face on mugs, pillows, photo albums, or you can customize your own phone case, and almost anything else. It can be a standard mug if you want to get them something for when they’re drinking coffee at home or a travel cup that they can take to work or out on errands.

Whatever the case, you can rest assured knowing it’ll be put to good use! It’ll keep your loved one’s coffee piping hot and allow them to savor as much coffee as they want, both on their birthday and on all the other days to come.

2. Tote Bag

Many grocery stores are starting to do away with plastic bags due to environmental concerns. As a result, people don’t have as many plastic bags lying around their homes as they used to.

Many of them are turning to tote bags to carry things around as opposed to relying on plastic bags. You can provide someone in your life with a personalized tote bag that has either their name or their initials on it.

3. Beer Mug or Wine Glass

The vast majority of Americans drink some form of alcohol. Studies have indicated that almost 85 percent of people have had alcohol at least once in their lives and more than 70 percent have had it within the last year.

With those statistics in mind, you really can’t go wrong when you buy a customized beer mug or wine glass for someone for their birthday. It’ll give them an opportunity to sip on their alcoholic beverage of choice on their birthday.

You should, of course, steer clear of purchasing a beer mug or wine glass for someone who doesn’t drink or someone who has stopped drinking due to a drinking problem. But most people will appreciate getting a personalized beer mug or wine glass on their birthdays.

4. Shampoo and Conditioner

You can truly customize just about anything that you want these days! For proof of that, look no further than the fact that you can stick a person’s name on bottles of shampoo and conditioner if you want.

If you know a person who takes a lot of pride in keeping up the appearance of their hair, they’ll love you noticing and purchasing personalized shampoo and conditioner bottles for them. It’ll encourage them to continue working hard on making their hair look its absolute best.

5. Name Keychain

Just about everyone over the age of 18 has a set of keys that they carry around with them every day. So if you’re stumped as far as what you should buy when shopping for custom birthday gifts, why not get them a name keychain for their keys?

A name keychain will help a person keep their keys separated from all the other keys in their house. It’ll also make them think of you each and every time they pick up their keys before leaving their house.

You can design name keychains in all kinds of cool ways to make them stand out. It’ll be yet another customized gift that will definitely get put to good use when you give it to someone.

6. Children’s Book

Are you searching for custom birthday gifts for kids? There are so many options for you to check out.

You can turn a child’s name into a cool coat rack for their room. You can also have their name put onto a T-shirt or a hat.

But with kids reading less and less these days, it might not be a bad idea for you to pick up a customized children’s book for them, especially if they’re on the younger side. By putting their name on the front of a book and allowing them to read a book with their name in it, you’ll encourage them to read and make it fun for them.

Whether you’re buying a gift for your own child or someone else’s kid, a custom children’s book will go over well. The child won’t be able to put the book down and will love reading it over and over again.

7. Plaque

Want to let someone know they’re the:

  • Best Mom/Dad Ever?
  • Best Grandma/Grandpa Ever?
  • Best Teacher Ever?
  • Best Coach Ever?
  • Best Neighbor Ever?

Do it with a plaque!

Everyone loves getting a trophy for an accomplishment. But far too often, people fail to acknowledge that someone special to them is the “best” at something by giving them a trophy.

You can change that by giving someone a plaque that commemorates a great achievement. Let them know that you think they’re the best by putting their name and their accomplishment on a custom plaque and make sure they display it proudly in their home.

8. Photo Socks

Under normal circumstances, a pair of socks would be just about the worst gift that you could give to someone on their birthday. Who the heck wants to open up a birthday present to find a pair of socks waiting for them?

But custom photo socks are different. The birthday boy or girl will crack up hysterically as soon as they open up their socks and see their face all over them. It could very well go down as one of the best birthday gifts they get that year.

There are many other custom photo gifts that you can buy for a loved one as well. You can place a person’s face on mugs, pillows, phone cases, photo albums, and almost anything else.

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9. Candle

If you know that someone loves the sweet smell of candles in their home or office, why not customize a candle or two for them?

There are some companies that will allow you to create a special scent when putting a custom candle together. But even if you just go with something basic, you can often personalize the outside of a candle with a person’s name, the first letter of a person’s name, or even a fun quote.

Whoever you give the candle to will love lighting it in the days that follow their birthday.

10. Wooden Cutting Board

Are you shopping for custom birthday gifts for someone who loves to cook?

Help them throw down in the kitchen by putting their name on a cutting board that they can use to prepare meals. Whether you put their actual name or something like “Nana” on the cutting board, they’ll be reminded of how much they’re loved every time they’re cooking up a storm.

11. Coordinates Necklace

Maybe you want to remind your best friend about the first place that you ever met. Or maybe you want to remind your significant other about the first place that you went out on a date.

You can find out the coordinates of these locations and have them stamped directly on a necklace. It’ll hold a special place in the recipient’s heart for many years to come as they’re constantly reminded of meeting you for the first time.

12. Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets make excellent custom birthday gifts because you can add to them over the years and continue to make them more and more special.

Whether you give one to your mom, your grandmother, your aunt, your favorite teacher, or someone else, it’ll be great to see how much joy it brings to them. It’ll also be great to add to the charm bracelet over the years and continue to bring them joy over time.

Shop Around For Custom Birthday Gifts Today

You could fork over the usual $20 as a birthday gift to a special person in your life. But why would you want to when you have all these custom birthday gifts to choose from?

That $20 will get spent within just a few hours and will be a distant memory within just a few days. But custom gifts will stick around for a long time and will show a person that you really care about their happiness.

Consider going with personalized gifts for your loved ones from now on. They’ll love them and you’ll enjoy giving them time after time.

Would you like some more gift ideas? Read our blog to see unconventional gifts that you could give to someone for a birthday or any other occasion.

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