Grandma Ryan, I Had A Dream Last Night….

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grandma ryan image
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Grandma Ryan, I Had A Dream Last Night….

Dear Grandma,

I had a dream last night, that you were here.
It only makes sense since its been 3 years.
Today you would have been 93, I always called you,
on your birthday you see.
You left us on Christmas Eve, 2010,
so much has happened in my family since then.

We talked for hours about all that has went on.
I told you about Roger and I just celebrating 18 years.
You told me years ago he looked at me like Grandpa did you,
thank you for that, as it has helped me persevere.

I told you about Aaron, still in the Marines,
I told you he met the girl of his dreams.
They married this past June while he was on leave.
Sarah has a little girl named Emma who is now 3.
I get to be a Grandma, like you were to me.

I told you how Ethan graduated from school.
He now is a freshman at SUNY Alfred this year.
I know you would be proud of the man he has become,
no longer that little boy so sensitive and young.

I told you how Abbey has grown in the past 3 years.
She is still beautiful, smart, and she has her Dad’s humor,
She’s a Senior this year, her last year of school, a high honor
student, so loving and dear.

I told you I missed you and a day hasn’t went by,
that I haven’t thought of you and sometimes I cry.
You taught me so much about love and forgiveness,
by sharing your favorite verse about love being patient,
love being kind and all of the rest that you lived everyday.

I told you I looked up to yours and Grandpa’s love,
how you showed me what true love was.
I thanked you for all did for me in my 41 years, for the
memories, the songs that I hold so dear.

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I told you this day of what would have been your 93rd year,
I will forever hold you in my heart, so that you are near.
I appreciate your parents for giving you life, I thank God I was picked
to be your granddaughter for all of those years. I love you Grandma Ryan,
and just wanted to say I wish you a Happy Birthday this year, on this day!




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