Halloween 2011

Where did the years go? Today I realized that while my 15 year old daughter carved her pumpkin that we hadn’t carved pumpkins since we moved here 3 years ago. We used to always get each of the kids a pumpkin; it was at one time a big deal. We used to decorate for Halloween; now the only decorations we have are the ones the spiders leave and I don’t catch in time.  I see adults that are really into Halloween. My Aunt LOVES Halloween; and I see that others really enjoy it .It just hasn’t been ‘my kind-of-thing’ since I became an adult.

When I was a kid I really enjoyed Halloween, but as I became an adult; more a parent; I found I dreaded it. Either we couldn’t afford the right costumes or we couldn’t figure out something fun that the kids could be. Each year it has gotten easier-as they have gotten older and I felt at a certain age, they were too old to go out trick-or-treating as really it is for the younger kids. But looking back I don’t really know why I was so anti-Halloween… I mean my parents always took us out house-to-house, always either made us or got us costumes, and my Dad was always a part of the pumpkin carving. So as silly as it sounds I will make sure we have pumpkins until Abbey graduates and even after, (maybe even some day when we have Grandchildren).

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But one thing that I will also continue with the continuation of pumpkin carving is FINALLY making delicious Pumpkin Seeds thanks to a great blogger with tons of ideas. You can click here for the Best Ever Pumpkin Seeds Recipe.


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  • I do understand! It’s so funny how we don’t even celebrate Halloween anymore like we did with our first two kids. I feel as though my youngest is missing out. I just told her dad today that we need to allow her to enjoy Halloween as we did as kids and as our children did when they were young! Our children grow so fast and before you know it…there out on their own! Love your post!!

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