Harmony Addiction: Shaman Shakuntali Share 11 Tips on How to Overcome it


Shakuntali shares causes of harmony addiction can usually be found in childhood. As a child, it may have been an advantage to act in a harmonious way. It could defuse conflicts, de-escalate parental disputes, gain advantages over siblings, etc. Gyud training will help you to experience childbirth as the most pleasant time of your life. Training your subconscious mind, you will be able to go deep into a hypnotic trance, during which you will see the reasons of complications, unpleasant pain, blocks and fears. As a result, childbirth will take place naturally, safely, easily. But today you are an adult and stand in a completely different place; you no longer need the pattern developed in childhood. As an adult, you have other options. These patterns can exert internal compulsions, also called internal drivers, which lead to you behaving in a need for harmony.

Shaman Shakuntali share some tips on how to overcome harmony addiction


According to Shaman Shakuntali harmony addiction is necessary to remove the triggers. Reflect on your childhood behavior and choose to throw these patterns overboard. Attend seminars or decide on a therapeutic way to resolve the causes of your harmony addiction.

Allow yourself something

If you’re invited again and don’t really feel like going, allow yourself to cancel this invitation. This clears up the inner conflict, namely not wanting to but not being allowed to cancel the invitation, and you give yourself inner peace.

Find inner harmony

Shaman Shakuntali explains that the inner harmony arises when you remain true to yourself, state your point of view and take your feelings and needs into consideration. Inner harmony makes you strong and free!

Communicate your own perception

Everyone has their own point of view Like Shaman Shakuntali, opinion and way of thinking. That’s perfectly fine too. Therefore, you too are entitled to express your perception, your opinion. This way you bring your ideas and conceptions into the community, everyone can only benefit from this.

May be incompatible

What a challenge for harmony addicts who always want to be compatible. But developing intolerance is important and succeeds if from now on you don’t care what others think of you.

Be honest and authentic

To bet on love, peace, and pancakes is not always honest and also not beneficial for your soul’s salvation. Undisclosed anger, or adjusted consent, can jeopardize your peace of mind for years. Therefore Shakuntali suggests representing your point of view honestly and authentically, regardless of whether it is accepted or not.

Be able to express criticism

Shaman Shakuntali expresses dealing with other people, it is important to be able to talk about things that you do not like. In private as well as in professional situations, it is important to express criticism, because otherwise nothing can change for the better. But how does it matter? You start with the positive aspects, speak in the first person and end the criticism with something positive. Such feedback is ultimately always for the benefit of everyone.

Develop conflict management skills

A community without conflict is not feasible. Since every person is unique, it is only natural that we have different ideas. A common consensus cannot be found with adaptation and silence. Shakuntali explains that the conflicts can also end in an argument, which is sometimes necessary to find a good result. Therefore develop a culture of argument and show yourself capable of conflict.

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Train mindfull assertiveness

Shakuntali describes that if you haven’t learned to assert yourself, you can train it independently. It could work like this:

You first form your own opinion and express it clearly. You also allow your counterpart to express their opinion and you also respect them. You justify your wishes, needs and ideas. You speak in a normal tone and strive for a decision in the discussion that takes your ideas into account.

Be there for yourself

Shakuntali recommends taking care of yourself caringly and lovingly, and then you are no longer so dependent on the attention that you get outside.

Accept yourself as you are

According to Shaman Shakuntali If you can accept and accept yourself with your strengths and weaknesses, you are independent and free. In this self-love you are a real asset to the community and you radiate that too. This has an incredibly harmonizing effect on others, because you no longer need them, do not expect anything from them and also no longer demand harmony. That relaxes and gives you space to laugh and be happy!

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