Home of the Year – 5 Simple Home DIY Projects to Keep You Busy In 2019

Home of the Year - 5 Simple Home DIY Projects to Keep You Busy In 2019
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If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably always trying to come up with new things to add and change in your home. After all, it’s your pride and joy, and you want it to look at its very best at all times. Whether you consider yourself to be a DIY master or not, there are always projects to sink your teeth into and keep you busy. Start 2019 on a creative note with the following DIY changes.

Future-Proof Your Home

Have you ever thought about how technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds but your house is not keeping up? You still use a key for your door, a switch for your lights, and you can’t talk to your appliances to turn them on. It might be time to futureproof your property with advanced technologies such as smart Bluetooth door locks. Control your door access from your smartphone and even allow access at certain times of the day for people who need to come in.

Jump on the Upcycling Bandwagon

Everyone has those pieces of furniture they can’t part with but don’t suit their houses. Normally, they are something your ancestors have handed down to you and you would never dream of selling or sending to a charity store. You also don’t want to add to the millions of tons of furniture already in the landfill. Short of hiding it away in a garage, why not jump on the upcycling bandwagon?

You can turn your old furniture into something that suits your home. Give it a lick of paint, sand it, or add a new fabric. Upcycling your furniture is an excellent DIY project that’s bound to keep you out of trouble for much of 2019.

Light and Bright

If you consider 2019 to be “your year” then make sure your house is as light and bright as your newfound mood. Take a critical look at all your curtains, windows, light shades, and lamps. Do you have enough lighting? What condition are the blinds in? Are your curtains too dark or light? There is so much you can do without spending a lot of money. Go charity shopping to find light shades you can upcycle, or consider changing your bulbs to a brighter or energy-efficient wattage. The transformation of your home with a bit of effort will astound you.

Safety First

Even though violent crime has been on the decline for decades, there is still a significant problem with theft and burglary. The new year is an opportunity to think of your home’s safety and security. Repair fences, consider new security systems and install outdoor lighting. You may even like to install locks on gates so you can secure your property at night. Get the hammer out and make your home safer.

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Storage Sensations

Clutter can be a significant problem, so it might be time to head to the home depot store and put on your builder’s hat. Firstly, remove all the clutter throughout your home and either store it in boxes or take it to a charity store. You can then go about building new storage solutions in parts of your home that need it. For inspiration, watch shows such as Consumed which help to tackle clutter and hoarding on an extreme scale.

The new year can spell so many changes in yourself and your home. If you want to get creative, busy, and try new things, then consider dabbling in a bit of DIY. You can accidentally give your home a whole new lease on life!


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