How to Give Elderley Parents the Best Quality of Life

Elderley Parents

When your parents reach their senior years, it can feel as though the parent/child role has been reversed, and you now find yourself in the role of caregiver. The new role that you find yourself in can be hard to master, as you may be unsure how to provide your parents with the best quality of life. Striking a balance between respecting your parents’ independence while making sure that they are well-cared for can be hard. 

If you are trying to find ways to help your elderly parents get the most of life, these ideas should help:

Take Care of Their Health

Playing an active role in taking care of your parents’ health is vital. It is all too easy for potential problems to go unchecked. You can help by ensuring that they get to medical appointments when needed, and also ensure that they have regular exams to keep them in the best physical state possible. 

Hearing loss and the deterioration of eyesight are common issues faced by the elderly. However, your parents need to see the eye doctor and have hearing tests regularly. Hearing loss can have an impact on your parents’ wider health and wellbeing if it is not addressed. You can learn more about the hidden risks created by hearing loss to discover why it is so essential that they have regular hearing tests. 

Being in reasonably good health, and being able to see and hear, will make it far easier for your parents to continue to live independently and enjoy the best quality of life.

Improve Their Living Space

Whether your parent lives independently or lives within a nursing home, there are plenty of ways to help improve their living environment. The importance of the living environment is well-documented for the influence it can have over other areas of your life. Creating a pleasant and useable living environment can help to improve your parents’ quality of life. Make sure that any changes that you make are in collaboration with your parents. Otherwise, they may feel distressed about you making adjustments to their home. 

Adjustments that make life easier and more comfortable are likely to be welcomed by your parents. You could move clutter out of their way so that they can move around their home more easily without tripping up. You could also add pieces of furniture which improve their comfort, such as reclining chairs.

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Hobbies and Interests

Keeping your parent’s brain active can help to ward off mental decline. Being mentally active can help to stimulate brain cells and improve memory. If possible, your parents may want to try a new hobby or interest, as learning new skills can be particularly beneficial for enhancing and preserving cognitive function. If this isn’t possible, keeping up an existing hobby can also be helpful. 

Reading, completing jigsaw puzzles, or crosswords and word search puzzles could also help to keep your parent’s brain active, as well as being a pleasant and relaxing way for them to spend time. 


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  • This is definitely a concern of mine. I wish there were some way to get my mother to exercise, and then on the other hand to at times not exert herself too much.

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