How to Protect Your Classic Car

How to Protect Your Classic Car

For most collectors, a classic car is so much more than an automobile. Hours and hours go into the purchasing, restoring and maintaining of these “one of a kind” vehicles. Classic cars are not only an investment of your time but your money too. Make sure your classic beauty is safe and sound with these five tips.

Invest In An Alarm

It isn’t uncommon to hear a car alarm blaring as you drive down the road. False alarms happen and we are rather used to the noise, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea to install an alarm in your classic car. Alarms create noise and noise gets noticed. The last thing a thief wants is attention, so using an alarm as a deterrent is still a viable option.

Storing Your Car

A classic car needs a garage that is not only secure but designed to withstand the seasonal weather changes. Whether you live somewhere that is cold and snowy or wet and windy you’ll want a well-made structure that can keep your valuable car safe. Garages like those made by SteelMaster are American-made of commercial-grade steel. They offer ample storage space for your car and other valuables and they are easy to erect with their trussless design. Whatever style of garage you choose make sure it is strong and well secured with a tamper-proof locking system. You may even want to consider a mounted camera on your garage for added security.

Storing Your Keys

Never store the keys in the car, ever! It might be convenient but it isn’t wise. You should store your keys away from the garage and away from your entry doors. Thiefs can grab a set of keys off the wall by your front or back door without you even noticing. Do yourself a favor and tuck the keys away somewhere out of sight. A safe is ideal but if that is too time-consuming at least find a non-obvious location, such as a sock drawer or under your mattress.

Securing Your Steering Wheel

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Hear me out. The steering wheel locks of yesteryear are still effective and very affordable. A thief knows the locks are going to slow them down considerably, if not stop them altogether. They are likely to see the steering wheel lock and opt to leave your classic car alone. Any deterrent is a good deterrent.

Use GPS Tracking

While not considered an economical choice, GPS tracking is definitely effective. If your secure garage and hidden keys aren’t enough and a thief still gets away with your baby, the GPS tracker will be a priceless tool. As technology advances, there are GPS trackers that are more affordable and less of a nightmare to install. Do your homework before making the purchase. Ask around at your next collector’s show to see if any of your friends have a tracker. They may know which one to buy and where to have it installed.

You didn’t put your heart and soul into a car just to have it stolen or damaged. Be proactive and take multiple steps to protect your investment.

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