Most Common Bong Types and Their Benefits

Recently, cannabis consumption has hit the roof. People have been diving into using the compound for medical or recreational purposes.
CBD is taken to alleviate various health conditions such as pain, seizures, anxiety, depression, and many more. The high consumption rate has made it easy to consume the substance in various forms, including blunts, vapes, wax, edibles, and joints. However, there is a method mostly used by cannabis smokers globally, which is the bong. Additionally, for those looking for convenience and portability, 10mg disposable vapes online are available to purchase , offering a discreet and hassle-free way to enjoy cannabis consumption.

CBD is taken to heal some health conditions such as pain, seizure, anxiety, depression, and many more. The high consumption rate has made it easy to consume the substance as blunts, vapes, wax, edibles, and joints. However, there is a method mostly used by cannabis smokers globally, which is the bong.

The bong has been in existence for a long time without being replaced. The bong is the general name, but there are hundreds of bong designs, from modern and classic to scientific and practical bongs. They also come in different colors, from plain and glass designs to simple and intricate colors.

Bongs optimize smokers’ experience because of their fanciness, portability, and ease of use. They’re easy to set; fill the bottom with water, place some cannabis on the top plate, grab the bong pipe, and suck through it while lighting the cannabis. Suck until the water bubbles to get a significant amount of smoke.

1. Glass Bongs

The glass bong started in the 70s, making them more popular than others. The glass bong comes in different designs and functions. The accessory has been improved over time by adding percolators, ice catches, and many other parts to make the smoking process smoother and cooler.

Glass bongs have been rated to have the best performance by most smokers. The equipment comes at affordable prices like the high-quality silicone or ceramic bong. The glass bong is easy to clean, transparent to monitor, and affordable. You can rely on glass bongs for their durability since they can withstand a reasonable beat that cracks other bongs, and some are even unbreakable.

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2. Mini Bongs

Mini bongs are small, making them portable for usage. These bongs can easily be used even in transit and provide a fantastic water experience for smokers. They are lightweight and discrete for a perfect smoking experience. You can get a mini bong from 10 inches or below, and it has the best filter, creating a calmer, softer, more refined, and strong hit.

However, these bongs are harsher than others because of less airflow. There is not enough room for proper air circulation because of the small sizes. However, some experienced smokers prefer the tight airflow that causes a harsher hit.

3. Straight Tube Bongs

The straight tube bong is the common type used by many smokers. It is usually created 8 to 24 tall with a thicker glass for durability, and each design comes with a percolator and nice catches. The shape makes it easy and simple to use, perfect for mature smokers. You can easily get this at a store or bong online Australia.

Its classic and sleek design makes it difficult to go out of fashion. Meanwhile, its straight tube makes it perfect for filtering the smoke and easy to clean because of its transparency. It also has a lighter hit, so it is recommended for beginner smokers.

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4. Beaker Bongs

As the name implies, the beaker bong looks like a scientific laboratory beaker with a flat bottom. It’s designed like a conical flask creating many benefits, such as a hasher hit for a smoker. The wide bottom design of the beaker bong allows free flow of air for easy inhalation.

The bong has a wide base for balance and is designed in different sizes. The beaker bong is taller, great for strong hits, easy to clean, and has space for percolators. The designs are created between 4 to 9 mm in thickness, in different heights and colors.

5. Carburetor Bongs

Bongs are created with a hole on one part or no hole. However, if there is no hole on the bong, it’s a carburetor bong. Carburetors are not designed as bongs but can be used for such purposes.

The equipment produces great hits as fresh air enters the pipe through a hole. The fresh air increases the flow of smoke to the lungs, making it intense when inhaling the contents. The carburetor bongs are recommended for experienced smokers because of the cashier flow of air. The bong can easily be cleaned and is portable and durable.

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