My Grandma

Contributed by Milford Woods

Ever since my grandfather passed away, my grandmother has been living by herself. She lives in Massachusetts, so she is pretty far away from most of our family. She is in great health and is able to drive herself every where she needs to go. She exercises every day and even does all of her own grocery shopping. However, I still worry about her living by herself. I asked her if she has ever thought about having a security system installed in her house. She said that she thinks that it will too hard to figure out and that she is not very good with technology. I told her that I would help her figure it out and that it would help her feel safer. I searched online for “West Newton Home Security” to find a security system company in her area. I called her and told her I found a company that can set her system up next week if she wants to do it. She said that she wanted to go ahead and set it up. She also said that she was glad that it gave her an excuse to buy me a plane ticket to come see her and explain how to use it.

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