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Fright Pack image


*DISCLAIMER –  I received a copy of Regular Show: Fright Pack on DVD for this post! All opinions are mine and are not influenced by the free DVD I received.  All information and videos or pictures provided by ClickComm. or myself. *

Cartoon Network Releases Its Most Terror-ific DVD of The Year,Regular Show: Fright Pack

When I received the Regular Show: Fright Pack on DVD my 17 year old daughter was so excited to watch it with her boyfriend.  Cartoon Network’s Emmy Award-winning animated hit comedy series is back with its 5th season and most scarey DVD, just in time for Halloween! It is available tomorrow 9/3  and features “Terror Tales of the Park II! . This two part Halloween special is the leading episode .

During this episode you will see Mordecai, Rigby, Benson and Margaret tell their scary stories while on their way to a Halloween party. Not only will you get this episode but also 12 other funny episodes from the first four seasons!  This show is created by the very talented J.G. Quintel.

This DVD will be available at the suggested retail price of $19.82 and will have the following episodes:

  1.  Terror Tales of the Park (2-part episode)
  2. Terror Tales of the Park II (2-part episode)
  3. Dead at Eight
  4. Jinx
  5. Grave Sights
  6. Ello Gov’nor
  7. Death Bear
  8. Skunked
  9. See You There
  10. Meat Your Maker
  11. The Best VHS in the World
  12. Dizzy
  13. Last Meal
  14. Skips’ Stress

The characters include best friends Morecai ( a six-foot tall blue jay) and Rigby (a hyperactive raccoon). To tell you a bit about the story-line I have to mention that the two are groundskeepers at a park owned by Pops, a humanoid-looking lollipop who spent his entire life there. Because the job is so deadly dull the 2 friends will do almost anything they can do to avoid their work.  Their boss Benson (an anthropomorphic gumball machine)-isn’t too happy with them. The funny part is that their efforts of avoidance result in insane happenings that delights Pops.

New episodes of Regular Show will premiere on Mondays at 8 p.m ET/PT on Cartoon Network with many replays throughout the week.  Since this show is so popular you will find a full line of clothing and accessories for both kids and adults alike. Also a first of its kind Regular Show Nintendo 3DS game: Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land will be up for release this fall.

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If this isn’t enough Cartoon Network will support the release of Regular Show: Fright Pack DVD with a kid-focused marketing campaign using broadcast advertising on Cartoon Network, and a comprehensive online campaign which will be featured on and other kid-targeted websites.

Get your copy on September 3 (which is tomorrow!).

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