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This song by Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood has been out for a little while. I know some are not country song admirers..and that is ok, as you don't have to watch the video :). But it is about something that I have noticed in my life recently.

Where did that time go when you felt all of that excitement for the first time? Its like we forget how it felt when we first met our special someone. For me it has almost been 16 years with my husband. Somewhere along the way we forgot to date. The kids always came first and little by little I accepted that this was how my life was and we always had “when we were older” is silly now because we are older and I am desperately trying to remember. DON'T get me wrong I love my husband. We have had a rough past year…I feel like the 40's came along and I heard they were the “best years of your life”…I am not seeing this so much.

Our kids are getting older-without even my permission! When I met my husband I had a 3 year old and a 7 month old (both boys). My ex-husband had left us when my youngest was 2 weeks old. Although we had many ‘rough' times after the divorce I have to say now he is ‘just my boys Dad' I really don't even think of him as my ‘exhusband' I just say that so people know who I am referring to.

When I met my current husband I was just looking for someone to take their Dad's place. I was afraid of being alone, afraid I couldn't do it all myself. I met my husband through a mutual friend, and he was (still is) funny, he made me laugh and treated me like the sun rose and set with me. Truthfully he still does. He is a good man, has always worked very hard at supporting us. We had a daughter within our first year of marriage. I mean we already had 2 kids that we were raising together; why not have one together?

I look back and realize except for our honeymoon we have never been away for more than 1 night and even that I can't remember. Our days are filled with daycare children (his daycare), me taxi-ing our children to sports practices and back, and errands and back. I recently closed my candle business because I finally felt its time had run out-and decided to concentrate on building my hosting and design business & this site to boot. Plus when the candle business was busy I didn't have time for the hosting business. I find I am more consistently busy now than the 10 years I poured candles (and the past 4 years running the whole business myself). I am bad about fitting in cleaning, luckily my husband helps with that.

Maybe it is the whole 40s thing…maybe I thought by now our life would be more settled when in fact this chapter is just as busy as when the kids were younger. I feel like I forget us. I need to figure out working on that-because before I know it our kids will all be ‘out of the house'. Our oldest is currently serving in the USMC and stationed in Hawaii. Our 2nd is entering his Senior Year this September, and our youngest just turned 15 this month and is entering her Sophomore Year. Two years…just two short years and all of my kids will be out of highschool…

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So anyways-this song makes me think of all of the past times early on in our fast paced relationship. (we met in Dec 1994), started dating in January 1995, and were married by September of 1995…, and had his first, my third child by August 1996.

When it was new…

I think I need to remember, I need to figure out how to ‘date' again with him-and to take time for us more than we have been.
Who knows maybe we could get lucky and win an overnight somewhere local?…no I think I should just start making some plans for that-if I wait to win something it could be another few years. 🙂

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It is not easy to keep a long relationship fresh and exciting. It requires a lot of effort. Recognizing the need is the first step so you are well on your way. 

Katie Allen
Katie Allen

Yes making time for you and your partner is so important – when life gets busy it can be hard to remember to take a little break and have a “date” with the hubby


Your sentiment in this post is wonderful. Life is busy and sometimes, very short. When you don’t grab the moment or possibility when it exists, it might never come back. When you show the love between you and your husband you are setting a wonderful example for your children.


Oh I love this song too. Your husband sounds like a great man.
My husband and I go on dates, hold hands, all that good stuff. It’s too easy to forget when life gets in the way.


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