Speedy Cleaning Tips When You’re Pushed For Time!

Speedy Cleaning Tips When You're Pushed For Time!
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Sometimes it’s rather therapeutic to take our time doing a deep clean of the house; candles lit, music on and enjoying making it all sparkle. Yet on other occasions, we just don’t have a moment to spare and want those fast results. Whether you are expecting company but are running late, or just don’t have the minutes spare to take it slow- here come some super speedy cleaning tips for people on the go!


Quickly spray all surfaces with your antibacterial cleaning spray and wipe down. Next, spray the bath and shower, rise down both and leave to dry then tackle the toilet with cleaner too. Try as much as possible to use cleaning products that are eco-friendly or you can use your own cleaning solutions made with vinegar or lemon juice. Don’t clean the bathroom floor yet; it’s best to do this when you come back to do the kitchen floor. Time yourself and spend just ten minutes cleaning this room. (Remember, you can have a deeper clean on another occasion. The purpose of this clean is for quick spruce or guests soon arriving!)


Load all of the dishes briskly into the dishwasher or rinse by hand if you aren’t lucky enough to have one! Wipe down all your surfaces with cleaning solution and leave to dry. Sweep and mop the floor and go back to mop the bathroom floor at this stage. Again, work fast and give yourself just ten minutes. It helps to work to some fast-paced music!

Living Room

In your living room, you want to put away any clutter first, plump the cushions, let in some fresh air and perhaps light some candles. If you have carpet here, this is the part whereby you’ll want to give the floor a speedy vacuum. Before you do this, however, use a stain remover to hand scrub any stains that you may have on the carpet (after blaming them on the kids)! You guessed it, try to do this in ten minutes also. Sometimes vacuuming alone just isn’t enough and you may find yourself considering calling in carpet cleaning companies to help you get your carpet back to what it once was!


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Now for the final ten, If you have kids and you can get them to tidy their rooms themselves, all the better. If they aren’t quite old enough to have mastered the art of tidying yet then just try as best you can to put back the main bulk of the clutter away quickly and then speed hoover. Your own room perhaps isn’t as bad as the kid's (we hope) and shouldn’t take long. If you are pushed for time before company arrives, or needing to leave the house for an appointment, leave the bedrooms for another time.

It’s entirely possible to clean the bulk of your house in 30-40 mins if you work fast and focus on surfaces rather than deep nooks and crannies. (Save those for another time). Now it’s probably time to sit back and have a glass of wine.


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