Tampons & Vodka, The New High

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Even Stephen Colbert Talked About It.


I have heard about using Tampons for nosebleeds, I have also heard about the newest flavors of Vodka. But what I haven’t heard of is:  tampon tippling.

Have you heard about this new way of getting high? To avoid calories, full tummies, and weight gain teen-age girls are soaking their tampons in vodka and inserting them where they would normally insert their tampons during their menstrual cycle. The alcohol absorbs directly into their blood stream giving them almost an instant high.  Don’t let me mislead you; boys are doing it to; only they are inserting them into their rectum, and getting the same results. Seems that teen-agers think of everything.

Were you aware that this could be going on in your area? I wasn’t until I heard about it on the news. When I approached my daughter she said “Oh I have heard of that”… I said I must not listen to the news enough. I also thought, ‘what will kids think of next’?.

And this is not all. Teens are also using beer bongs to get high. But instead of orally consuming they are inserting them into their rectum; also known as “butt chugging”…Really? like for real? I don’t get it. Kids today think of things I would never imagined back when I was a teen. (that sounds like I am dating myself-but 25 years ago is a long time in my book).

Cited from Reasons.Com :

Reuters, March 1999: “Some teen-age Finnish girls are experimenting with tampons dipped in vodka as a way of getting tipsy without parents detecting boozy breath, an anti-drinking group said yesterday.”

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A May 2003 review of a Vic Chesnutt album in the St. Louis Riverfront Times mentioned his “hilarious” song “Band Camp,” in which he “recounts the story of a high-school girl who soaked a tampon in vodka and fell off her stool in science class.”

At a September 2009 “drug detection forum” in Bangor, Maine, according to the Bangor Daily News, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agent Amy Dorsey warned that “tampons can be soaked in vodka and inserted rectally to get drunk.”

I am not really a drinker, but I can promise you this-I won’t be trying out this new way of getting a ‘buzz’ or ‘drunk’, and now that I am aware of this I will not be so in the dark.  As your teens if they have heard of this, you might be surprised what they know, and if they haven’t be glad it isn’t something that has reached your area…YET.

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This one’s news to me… Some of us used to snort vodka back in high school, but nope – never inserted anywhere. Thank God.


OMG! I’m shocked…This is just crazy!!! If you are taking alcohol normally the leaver protects you so it doesn’t hit you that strong but to drink it like this is dangerous. Person can die from that I guess…It’s against being a man.


so that’s not normal then…


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