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I happened to see this video today and thought, although not everyone prays, there are many people going through the things mentioned in this video (lyrics). I am including the lyrics for those that may not want to watch the video or care for the group. I, myself, pray; I believe in it and that is my choice-but that doesn’t mean I expect you to nor do I ask you to.. 🙂

But in these lyrics, in this song, it touches on so many things happening in our world these days. Bullying, babies having babies, people just.not.getting.along. Drama is everywhere! But what if each person took it upon themselves to be the best they could be? What if each day you said, did, gestured something nice to another human being?

“That’s Why I Pray”

Man on the TV’s gone insane, everybody’s just laughing

People ’cross the world holding on
The earth caved in, the ocean came down crashing
My neighbor lost his house ’cause he can’t find a job
Don’t you dare pledge allegiance, don’t you dare speak of God
Speak of God
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Now I’m begging for forgiveness
I wanna make a difference even in the smallest way
I’m only one person, but I can feel it working
I believe in better days
That’s why I pray

Some stupid video posted as a joke, somebody’s life gets ruined
Out of everything we can create
Where is the cure to keep us safe from losing
Babies having babies ’cause their parents are always gone
Somehow we have forgotten how to make a house a home
How to make a house a home
Oh! Oh! Yeah! Yeah!

I’m begging for forgiveness, I wanna make a difference
Even in the smallest way
I’m only one person, but I can feel it working
I believe in better days
That’s why I pray, yeah
That’s why I pray, yeah

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These demons from my past haunt me every night
And I just can’t get through it
If I could forget them on my own, I’ll let go and just move on
But heaven knows I am only human

And that’s why I pray, yeah yeah
That’s why I pray, I pray, I pray, I pray

Yes I’m begging for forgiveness (I’m begging for forgiveness)
I just wanna make a difference (Just wanna make a difference)
I believe (I believe) in better days
That’s why I pray


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    • I am so proud of you! Honest…you won’t miss it and there are other outlets as you know to collaborate and network. There will always be ‘that’ person somewhere but we are better than that, and I feel you just took the first step to rid yourself of one bothersome issue!

  • I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. I just started going back to church after being SERIOUSLY hurt by a church about 4 years ago. It’s a long story that I might get into some day but I’d love to share with anyone who wants to hear it.

    That said, a few weeks ago when I really felt a pull to resume worship, the message was on praying PERSISTENTLY and SPECIFICALLY for what you need or want. At the time we were having a hard time getting our house rented and kind of freaking out. I started praying specifically and persistently for a good family to rent our house so that I could join my husband in Raleigh and so that we wouldn’t have two house payments at the same time. A few days of persistently and specifically praying, a girl my age from my hometown called. She and her husband and their 5 kids had 2 weeks to move into a house in Savannah. Her husband was being transferred to the same restaurant my husband just left. They are also Christians and had been praying for the right house to come along.

    Needless to say, they are my new tenants, moving in TO THE DAY on the time frame that we needed them to move in, and are just amazing. It was definitely a “God thing”. I love that He wanted me to see that he was still listening to me. <3

    • That is awesome Summer! I believe although our prayers aren’t always answered in the way we hope. Prayers are always answered in the right time, and way that was intended. I have learned a lot in this past 2 years and will continue to listen and pray and wait! 🙂

  • Great song! I love what you said here: “Drama is everywhere! But what if each person took it upon themselves to be the best they could be? What if each day you said, did, gestured something nice to another human being?” I wholeheartedly agree and I do pray!

    • I appreciate your comment Diane! I admit I get caught up in the drama; even if I am silent publicly-I feel it and it affects my outlook. I continue to work at being a better me! I appreciate you!

  • I am not huge on praying either but I do like this song! I believe the song can have a different meaning and impact for everyone – prayers or not. 🙂

  • Leila – don’t be embarrassed. There’s no “right” way to pray. I love opening up my heart and talking to God. I don’t worry if it’s the right or wrong way. I know He hears me and that’s all I need 🙂

  • Once you have your prayers answered – you just have a totally different viewpoint on praying. However they aren’t always answered in a way you’d like – and the reason they aren’t — you often don’t see till your old and grey and finally understand.

    • I agree that not all prayers answered are the answers you are wanting. But I also agree everything happens for a reason! Thank you for commenting!

  • I’m a HUGE Big and Rich fan (more of a John Rich fan, he’s much less….odd lol). I love John Rich’s voice, and their songs make you think, which goes a long way for me. I’m tired of mindless drivel being played day in and day out, and when I hear their songs, I always smile :). Thanks for sharing!

  • I am embarrassed to admit that I don’t know how to pray, but I connect with my Higher Power through song and singing. Another great song is “What if She’s An Angel”. Gets me every time and really puts things into perspective. 🙂 I will have to actually listen to this Big and Rich song when I get home!

    • There is no reason to be embarrassed. I do not go to church as that is just my choice. Guess partly because back when I was going through child support and custody battles the lawyer that was ‘against me’ was so rude and hurtful, then praising the Lord that next Sunday in church. (that wasn’t the first or last reason I felt that way). So I choose to pray at home, in my car, in my head… I think it is wonderful however you connect with your Higher Power! <3… thank you for posting.

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