The Right Timing: Are You Too Young or Too Old to Get Braces?


Braces are devices used to help align the teeth and jaw. They are usually applied during a person’s teenage years. This allows the teeth and jaw to be aligned properly to prevent further dental issues and other health issues associated with misaligned teeth.

There are often questions surrounding the best time to get braces. Some wonder if a child with crowded or gapped teeth is too young for braces. Others wonder if there is a cut-off that makes a person too old to benefit from braces. The short answer is, it depends on the individual needing the braces. As such, if you want to get braces, be sure to choose massapequa NY family dentistry clinic for the best options.


Before braces can even be considered, a person needs to be evaluated by their Family Dentist. An individual’s dentist is the best person to determine if braces would be the best option for the dental issues being faced. If a dentist feels that braces may be an option, the patient will be referred to an orthodontist.

An orthodontist will evaluate the patient’s teeth and any issues or concerns the patient has. Depending on their dental issues and overall oral health, they will make a determination as to whether braces would be beneficial to the person’s health and appearance.

Too Young

In general, it is recommended that a child be evaluated by an orthodontist by age 8. This is the best time to see how the child’s teeth are growing and the state of their jaw. For most children, the best time for braces is about ten years old. This is when the majority of their permanent teeth have come in.

Some children may need care for their teeth earlier than when their permanent teeth come in. This is often due to serious problems with their teeth or jaw. These serious issues are usually problems that are very noticeable by the parents that may affect their dental development.

In these instances, phase one treatment may begin. This often includes some orthodontic devices that help to reshape the jaw or make preparations for permanent teeth. These appliances are often used to prepare the teeth for future braces.

Too Old

Some people face issues with misaligned, crowded, or gapped teeth. Some people have serious overbites, underbites, or even crossbites. Due to a variety of reasons, they may not have been able to get braces during childhood. Fortunately, braces are available for adults to help correct these issues.

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The American Association of Orthodontics says that chronological age is not a factor when determining orthodontic treatments. Braces can be beneficial regardless of age. Just as children’s teeth can be moved to proper alignment, so can adult teeth.

There are some things that can be more difficult in correcting for an adult. When the face and jaw are no longer growing, some procedures cannot be performed. This may require surgery or other options to correct serious problems with the jaw.

Also, the treatment for adults can take longer than in children. This is often due to the jaw bone being denser than a child’s. There may also be other issues that have occurred due to the dental problems that may need to be addressed before braces can be applied.

For example, crowded teeth can increase the risks of periodontal disease and cavities. These problems will need to be addressed before treatment can begin to ensure the health of the teeth for alignment.

Braces can provide an option to help ensure a person has a healthy and working set of teeth. It can also be beneficial in preventing serious dental issues. However, most people find improved confidence and happiness with their improved smile thanks to braces.

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