Throwing a Great St. Patrick’s Day Party

Throwing a Great St. Patrick's Day Party

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and your party planning should be in full swing! If you’re wondering how you can orchestrate the St. Paddy’s party of your dreams, we’re here to help. We have some amazing tips to help you “strike gold” for your March 17th party this year.

Food and Drinks

St. Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating and getting up to serious shenanigans with your favorite pals. Two major components of throwing the Irish party of the year are the food and the drinks. In order to throw a legendary St. Paddy’s party, you’ll want to throw some traditional Irish food into the mix of classic party foods. Need some culinary inspiration to guide your grub? Here are some of the best party foods to include at your celebration this year:

  • Corned Beef and Cabbage
  • Potato-anything: loaded potato skins, fries, baked potatoes, bangers and mash
  • Irish Cheddar Cheese with pub snacks like mixed nuts and pretzels
  • Irish Whiskey Caramels paired with a shot of Jameson

Ahhh, the pièce de résistance of any great St. Patrick’s Day event—the drinks of course! What’s March 17th without green beer, after all? So stock up on some Guinness and mix up a few of your own whiskey drinks of your own to get the party started. Just be sure your guests drink responsibly and encourage everyone to use Uber or Lyft for a safe ride home!

The Decor

It’s all about green when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day! Green beer, green St. Patrick’s day clothing, and green decor. If you’re planning to host the St. Patrick’s Day party of your dreams, you’ve got to have ample amounts of green decking the halls to make your event a success. If you’re feeling crafty, try DIY-ing some of your own decorations!

Here are some decoration ideas to include in your party decor:

  • Leprechaun Trap
  • Green streamers
  • Green and gold glitter
  • St. Patrick’s Day themed photo booth with props
  • Shamrock tablecloths, napkins, and plates

The more fun you have with your St. Patrick’s Day decorations, the better! The best part about this holiday is that it’s totally celebration-centered. March 17th is all about having fun, so make sure that message comes through when you’re coordinating your party decorations!

The Music

Every great party is made possible by a great playlist! Not sure of what Irish tunes and dancey grooves to include on your party playlist? Just play Spotify’s Happy St. Patrick’s Day playlist and you’re good to go! Some of our favorite Irish-inspired numbers include:

  • Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran
  • C’est La Vie by B*witched
  • Someone New by Hozier
  • Riverdance by Bill Wheelan
  • Going Home by Flogging Molly
  • I’m Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys
  • Zombie by The Cranberries
  • Beautiful Day by U2

Sprinkle in these songs with your regular dance party playlist and your party is sure to be a major hit! Who doesn’t love a themed dance party after all?!

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Throwing a Great St. Patrick's Day Party

The Extras

If you are hosting a party for the whole family, you’ll probably want to incorporate some activities to keep the kids entertained. Set up a craft table with cut-out Shamrocks and instruct the crafters to write why they feel lucky or if they’re artistically-inclined, have them draw an Irish countryside scene. Or, set up a fingerprint rainbow station if you have colorful paints on-hand! Have games for kids and adults to play ready and available. Cornhole, lawn bowling, cards, and pickleball are some of our favorite family-friendly activities.

Make sure every one of your party guests is having an amazing time and include some themed party favors to get everyone in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit! Green leprechaun hats, green and gold feather boas, shamrock-shaped sunglasses, and themed temporary tattoos are all great additions to any St. Patrick’s Day event.

In Conclusion

Throwing a St. Patrick’s Day can be a lot of work, but the fun is totally worth it! Don’t be afraid to go totally wild with the themed decor and party essentials—the more kitschy, the more fun. Follow our simple ingredients and you have a recipe for the perfect St. Paddy’s party on your hands.

Throwing a Great St. Patrick’s Day Party
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