Traveling With the Fam: How to Choose a Family Friendly Hotel

Traveling With the Fam: How to Choose a Family Friendly Hotel

You and your family are going on vacation. You’re at the point of the planning process where you have to book your hotel room. The thing is, you have a large family and you have no idea if one hotel room can accommodate you all.

You could pay for more than one room but you would rather save the money so you can spend it on other things. The good news is that if you look hard enough you can find a room that will suit the needs of everyone that you’re bringing with you on the trip.

To help you find the best family hotel, keep these tips in mind when going through the booking process.

1. Location, Location, Location

When it comes to picking out the Best Location Hotels, you’re going to want to look at what’s around. It’s a good idea to be within walking distance to all the major attractions you’re interested in visiting.

You may also want to be near any sources of public transport. If you have kids they may like it if you’re within walking distance to a playground. You can use sources like Yelp and Google maps to help you out in this planning endeavor.

2. Features and Amenities You’re Going to Want

Every hotel has certain features and amenities that you’re going to want. Which ones you look for all depend on how large your family happens to be and what their needs are. Here are a few examples.

Larger Rooms

Sure, this hotel room has a few beds and a desk but is there any room for your family to move around comfortably? Probably not. You should look around for deals and try and find a suite if you have a family of four or more.

Two-room suites not only have enough room but most of the time they come with a sofa sleeper. If that’s still not enough space you can bring a rollaway bed with you. It’s best to make sure that there will be enough space for that ahead of time though.

If you’re scared a two-room suite still won’t be enough room for you and your family, then you should consider a vacation rental instead.


Soundproofing is something that not a lot of hotels advertise but it’s helpful if your kids happen to be a little loud and rowdy. It’s hard to have fun when you’re worried about the people on your floor who your children are keeping awake. Call potential hotels ahead of time to ask if their rooms have this feature.

Separate Toilet with a Pocket Door

If you have a larger family then the bathroom is going to get a little crowded in the morning with everyone using the toilet or taking baths. You can clear up some of this early morning traffic if your hotel room has more than one toilet.

A Kitchen of Some Kind

Your hotel room doesn’t necessarily have to have a full kitchen (though that would be nice) but it does need to have at least a mini-fridge for you to store food and snacks. You’ll also need to have a coffee pot so you can make hot water and a microwave to prepare small meals.


A lot of newer hotels have skipped out on having a tub and just put in showers. This is okay and all unless you have little kids that you have to bathe. If this is the case for you, it’s best to make sure that your room includes a bathtub.


You don’t want to take your child to a stuffy, high priced restaurant that doesn’t have any kid-friendly options. This is the case for a lot of hotel restaurants so you’ll need to be on the lookout for some nearby family-friendly options.

Also, some hotels have a service in the lobby that provides healthy snacks and little breakfast items. This isn’t necessary but it’s nice.

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4. Options for a Smaller Child

Some hotel rooms will provide a crib for you without an extra fee. Always check said crib for safety before you put your baby in it. You’ll need to bring your own crib sheet with you. Most hotel rooms provide a fitted sheet instead and it’s not the same.

Some hotels can recommend a babysitting service if you call ahead by 24 hours at the most. If you’re at a really high-end resort then they will work to provide you with a service for the entire duration of your stay. Again, if you want to take advantage of this you’ll need to call ahead.

5. Look Out for Hidden Fees

It’s awful to think you’re getting one price for a room and then get slapped with a higher fee when you go to check out. Some hotels have hidden fees for things like parking, pools, and wifi.

Find out what is included and what is an extra charge ahead of time so you can compare hotel prices. You don’t want to get caught off guard.

Booking the Best Family Hotel for Your Next Vacation

The right hotel room can make or break a family trip. You need to make sure that the one you book has enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably and has all the amenities that you’ll need.

If you follow this guide you’re sure to find and book the best family hotel for everyone. Happy travels!

Picked out your hotel and destination but don’t have your activities planned out yet? It happens to the best of us. Visit the travel section of our blog for a few helpful tips.

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  • We are looking to take some family trips this winter and stay in a hotel for the first time as a family. I totally agree that a kitchen area is important, as my kids are so spoiled with me always cooking meals for them. I will also watch out for those hidden fees.

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