Unusual Ideas For Your Next Night In With Friends

Unusual Ideas For Your Next Night In With Friends

Are you sick of the same old same old going out for drinks with your friends? Going out for drinks means spending a ton of money, usually a headache the next day, and in extreme cases, you might not even be able to remember half of it! To have a better time, you might want to make your next night a night in. 

To help you out, below you’ll find a few unusual ideas for your next night in with friends. Take a look and see what sort of night will suit you and your nearest and dearest: 

Host A Competitive Games Night

If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Game Night’ with Rachel Mcadams and Jason Bateman, watch a clip and get an idea of just how competitive we’re talking. Simply participating will not do. Make it an interesting competition by having a prize ready at the end of it! 

Pyjama Sleep Over 

You’re never too old for a sleepover. Get everybody to wear their comfiest pyjamas, make snacks and hot chocolate, and set up some sleeping bags and makeshift beds downstairs. This way, you can stay up talking until the early hours and make some amazing memories. 

Host Your Own Bake Off 

Task each couple or friend to make a baked item and bring it to be judged. Hosting your own bake-off will not only be a lot of fun, but you’ll also all get to sample some culinary delights. Film it and make your own episode with a bit of simple editing and you can watch this night back and laugh for years! 

Unusual Ideas For Your Next Night In With Friends


Host Your Own Come Dine With Me

How about hosting your own ‘Come Dine With Me’? You can do this over the course of a few weeks. You should know the rules, but if not: each household hosts a dinner party, pulling out all of the bells and whistles to impress. At the end of each party, every guest judges the party as a whole. This means they don’t just judge the food, but the wine, the entertainment, and everything else. Grab your wine ready from https://www.nakedwinery.com/Club-Naked/Membership-Benefits, and then you can focus on what you’re going to cook. 

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Try A Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries can be wonderful role-playing games and really help you and your friends to let go for a bit. You can dress up and really get into character! 

Arts and Crafts Night

Why not host arts and crafts night? You could all paint a piece of furniture, make a simple bracelet, sketch something out – whatever you fancy. Just sit together and get creative.

TV Premieres 

Is one of your favorite shows starting again soon? Host a premiere for it at your house! Better yet, dress up as your favorite character and theme the night around the show. 

Video Game Tournaments 

Host a video game tournament by grabbing a bunch of different games and scoring each team accordingly. You could play in an old school Wii or dance mat to make it interesting! 

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