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Let me first fill you in on what originally went on…. Our son Aaron is currently stationed in Hawaii in the USMC. He has been to the “big island of Hawaii” for training (he is actually stationed in Oahu). Which he went to for I think it was a month, then got back to where he was stationed to be sent to California for more training for deployment in Afghanistan in I think May. So while in CA he called me from a friends phone to tell me that his leave was April 15-April 29, he must have called me Sunday the 27 of February or there about as it took a few days to find a flight that didn’t have 12 hours worth of layovers and that he would return back in time to report back in. Finally I decided with all of the gas prices going up I better secure his flight, so I did that on Saturday the 5th of March. I spent another 2 hours finding a good flight that he could afford. With Taxes & Fees his original flight was $1090.38-and you have to be fast as the airline prices go up in a matter of a refresh button time…lol

Now moving up to this past Sunday March 20th Aaron called late at night to tell me for sure his leave dates had been changed to March 31 at 16:30-April 10 23:59 …(March 31 4:30pm-April 10 11:59pm). So Monday morning I got up bright and early and was on the phone with the place I originally booked the tickets. I found round trip flights for $1151 and change…but they were through Delta. The guy told me I was looking at approximately $1000 to change flights as Aaron couldn’t fly Delta since we had originally book US Airways. So not having that kind of money that day I decided to call US Airways directly-to which I was told with proper documentation they would waive the $150 change fee but Aaron would be responsible for the difference. Now those same flights for $1151 were going up to $1600…so I did some research and kept watching the flights…to find US Airways went down to $1200 I think this was Wednesday…so again I called (and by the way nothing against anyone with an accent but I had a very hard time understanding them) I explained my son would be deploying to Afghanistan earlier than planned so the USMC had to change the dates-it didn’t matter. I even tried explaining that this was my son, he was just 20 this month-and I really wanted to see him before he left but financially I couldn’t see why we had to pay the difference since he was serving our country etc etc. By now I think between finding flights and talking to people on the phone I had spent well over 7 hours…By Thursday I was in tears as no matter who I spoke to they didn’t/couldn’t help me without it being $1000 or more…

My husband contacted our local news (WETM) who incidentally we have an interview with tomorrow (Saturday March 26 at 1pm) to tell our story. My husband also contacted Fox News, the chaplain at Aaron’s post, his recruiter(s), the Red Cross (which I wasn’t expecting anything from them as this wasn’t a medical situation), and we made posts on Facebook. We appreciate all the outpouring of friends on this situation.

SO …today Friday March 25th…I started again decent this morning and called the travel agency-who told me it was going to be over $1000…and to call US Airways…so I did. I got a supervisor named Erin…lol…funny huh?…I couldn’t hear her well but explained my situation for what felt like the 100th time….and she said-well with proper military orders on military letter head we can submit it for consideration-but we will only waive the change fee. (this also had to be mailed-not emailed)…I have by now less than a week until Aaron goes on leave. So I pleaded that he was my oldest son, serving our country….and although she started to act like it mattered there was no budging on the ticket difference which was now up to over $1200…So I explained that I didn’t understand if seats were available how they couldn’t change his ticket since he was leaving for Afghanistan earlier than expected and these were military orders…not like he decided to change his vacation. Still…didn’t matter. She reiterated that fees were fees and they were not in the business of giving away flights…I said-its hardly giving away when his original ticket that was purchased less than 3 weeks ago was $1090.38. She again said rules were rules and there were no exceptions. By this time my normally calm demeanor was started to get agitated ….{really I am being mild}…SO I said…since you can’t find consideration for a soldier that is serving our country and going to Afghanistan it makes me think that US Airways doesn’t care about our military or my son. To which i was told i was OFFENSIVE Me? Offensive? I find US Airways offensive…that my son among many other’s sons & daughters that are proudly serving our country could not be given any type of consideration for a flight home to see their family before deployment at a price already paid. So then she told me to have a good day-so I said wait, wait- can you give me a supervisor to which she replied “they do not have phone numbers”…so I said do you mean to tell me they do not have phones on their desks? and she said there are no numbers and if you wish to file a complaint you can email us at under compliments and complaints….but that will take 5-7 days…and I said well I don’t have that many days to get this fixed…and I want to speak to someone above her-to which I was told to have a good day and she hung up on me.

We had to use US Airways as they were the original ticket. They would credit his ticket with a letter on USMC letterhead to be used within one year and even then it would be given consideration. I started working on this on Monday-and today is Friday…I didn’t have 5-7 days to get a form letter response as I have seen on their facebook fan page…I needed answers now.

SO I went back to the travel agency and found out how much the difference would be with the new dates and the change fee I would have to pay and they came up with a price of $1361.00 MORE than the original $1090 ticket price….I got a hold of Aaron’s Grandparents to see if they could help me out…and then I went into our checking account an low and behold a miracle had happened…our Federal Taxes deposited a difference that we weren’t expecting and with a little other money we were able to come up with enough…so I raced to the bank-got it all in one place…and raced back home (went the speed limit of course)…and called back the travel agency-had to go over everything again….and oddly enough the flight was STILL $1361.00 different times than earlier but Aaron still gets to leave on the 31st-will arrive home late night the 1st and leave the 10th very early and be back in Honalulu in plenty of time to sign back in.

Who do I thank? I thank our Lord in heaven…I believe that because of HIM our son is able to come home. With the help of my parents and money we didn’t realize was there…and then the friendly gestures of a few friends…(that will offset the higher cost)…he will come home-which otherwise possibly wouldn’t have happened.

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Are we happy with US Airways? NOPE…Are we happy with the USMC? Well our son signed up to serve our country as many people know that are involved with the military, whatever branch….things happen and itinerary’s change. We support Aaron in his duty to the USMC and are very proud of him-so we felt we had to do whatever we could to see him before he leaves to Afghanistan.

I feel something in our world has to change not just because of my son-but because these men & women give their lives to have us live in the ‘land of the free, and the home of the brave’…because of them I have the freedom to write this letter and feel safe.

Thank you for taking to time to read this…and if you would like to pass it on you can copy my link above! I really appreciate it.

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  • I am so sorry that happened and I feel your pain. I have had to deal with so many things of this nature so many times since my son enlisted. I am praying for you all.
    You are right something has to be done and soon. This nation is money hungry and taking it out on the little people will not make it better. 🙁

  • For all of you people who seem to have comments that are idiotic, and have no real relevance to the text that was written by Becky concerning their conflict with Us Air, I would simply ask you if you would be so smug were it your son or daughter that was trying to get home before being deployed to a hostile area of the world. You folks seem very smug in your comments which you can give from the comfort of your home at the expense of every serviceman/woman and their families that are deployed at the moment. But the reality is that the reason that you can make those comments from the safety of your home is that people like Becky’s son have put their life on the line for you and I throughout history. Although I don’t expect you all to understand that, as you have shown how small and shallow you can be. And again, if you can’t stand behind our Troops that are and have been deployed over the years, then you should feel free to go to the war zones and stand in front of them.

  • i’m sorry, but that was just rude to critique becky’s grammar. she obviously has other & more important things on her mind at the moment. also, a young soldier makes very little. just because he’s employed by the military that is run by the government, does NOT mean they make thousands of dollars that can be pulled from thin air. as a friend of MANY military wives who’s husbands do make enough to support their families, it’s still not much to get by.

    i’m sorry your family experience this, becky. but, my family will keep aaron in our prayers for his safe deployment & return home.

  • What a terrible thing for US Airways to do. I hope you get some resolution from them!

    One suggestion, though. Your entry was not easy to read. It looks like you wrote it while still very angry, and that’s totally understandable. But the grammar, run-on sentences and poor punctuation just made it hard to get. You went from one thing to another, and it’s hard to tell when exactly some thing happened (like when, exactly did your husband call the media?) Not to nit-pick, but it’ll look infinitely better if you double check before hitting enter.

    • Thank you for your input-and after a whole week of trying to get this resolved…I wasn’t really worried about my grammar or run on sentences…I write like I talk and truthfully the whole week was a blur by the time I wrote this-Thanks for your comments 🙂

    • Really!!!! This family is going through what I would consider to be a Crisis as this Point. Becky has been going at this all week, and I can vouch for that. And your biggest concern is her Grammar……….. Just because you think you know grammar, obviously doesn’t mean you aren’t ignorant. Us Folks down here in the back woods…. We aint quite as learned as you all…Shoooot, sometimes we caint barely make any of yalls understand what we sayn’ ……. And I am sure at this point you have read this and understood it, even though the grammar and pronunciation wasn’t quite right. I am sure that you are getting my point as even though I am a redneck that apparently isn’t all that book smart in your book, I am gentleman enough to not say to you what I really think of your comment.
      Becky, Keep at this whole thing. And Keep Pinching US Airways. I will also be spreading the word.

    • Look english teacher you wanna correct my mother’s grammar and your name is sugar booty really come on now that what you would kind of like what you would call something like a double negitive isn’t it? hmm not sure but i think it might be. hope im using all the “proper grammer” but what i have to say is when someone’s family is trying to help them out because someone is screwing them over where is it you place to come in and correct on grammer. i remember my first time correcting grammer but that was in school not on someone’s thing that is actually important that is more than able to do it they’re self. so i guess what im saying is thank you for everyone that supports my family on what they are doing to try to help me………….. but for the “english teacher” go worry about your students or whoever’s paper you correct and leave everything else to the people who actually mean what they say. But thank you again to everyone else its gratly appreciated

    • Aaron,
      Don’t let all of this stuff distract you. Get Home and see your Mom and Rog…What “SUGAR BOOTY” AKA Dumb Arse thinks about your moms grammar has no bearing. If Sugar booty can’t get behind you and the rest of the troops over something that I consider an injustice, Then I suggest they go stand in front of you all when you are in Iraq and Afghanistan. I bet the people over there would be more receptive to a Grammar Lesson. LOL>
      Either Way, THANK YOU for your Service. Get Home, Enjoy your time before you ship out with your family, Take your But to Afghanistan, and come home safe….. God Bless.

    • Well he is employed by the military but when you have only been in for less than a year and had already paid $1090 for your ticket home…the rest was more than we expected. Not sure what you think a younger soldier’s pay is. Thanks for your comment.

    • O.o I served in the military as well, and I know first-hand that not all military members “financially” don’t have $2, 500 just lying around.

    • LOL> Wow…… Where do you idiots come from. LOL> I don’t know anyone right now who thinks that 2,500 bucks isn’t much. LOL> Let alone a young marine. LOL.

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