What is the Significance of Technology in Event Management?

What is the significance of technology in event management?

Technology has modified the way of organizing any event. Such is the case that dispensing with it today seems like an almost suicide mission. The evolution of new technologies and the use of social networks in corporate communication are influencing the way events are planned, executed and evaluated.

LED lighting, video mapping, QR codes, apps, electronic business cards or new technologies at the service of ROI evaluation are just some of the novelties that in recent years have helped professionals in the sector to organize more impactful events of more agile and effective way.

The most active participation of the attendees, the integration of communication formats, the virtual aspect and the stimulation of the recreational component are aspects that will be increasingly taken into account in the organization of future events.. 

Therefore, we will give 10 examples of why technology and Event app is so important for the organization of events:

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  1. With social networks, you can achieve greater dissemination and, as a consequence, greater participation in the event. The decision on the format of the event, its program, etc., no longer rests exclusively with the organizer.
  2. Thanks to technology, the event website can be viewed from any device at any time. It is now possible to connect from the subway, the street or any location to the internet and access live to the meeting room in which the event is taking place.
  3. In recent years we are seeing an increase in e-meetings and webinars. It is true that the improvement of connections, videoconferencing and video streaming allow creating virtual events, which entail a significant reduction in expenses and at the same time greater durability over time.
  4. When it comes to accrediting entry to events, technology greatly speeds up the process. Paper entry is no longer necessary, which allows reducing large costs and simplifying processes by avoiding long lines at the entrance. Now with a code on the same mobile and a reader is enough.
  5. Technology has also become the basic tool to also facilitate the registration and payment processes for event tickets. With the new payment platforms and bank transfer systems, it prevents the circulation of money at the time of the event and also offers greater agility at the entrance.
  6. Thanks to the internet and social networks, the opinion of the attendees is obtained, information necessary to know aspects to improve or enhance in the event. We have already talked about the interaction with the public at the time of planning, but this interaction is also important in the course of the event.
  7. The material used in the event (presentations, documents, videos, etc.) is much more interactive, attractive and, therefore, is received with greater expectations. There are new formats to offer the documentation, it is no longer necessary to load the attendees with numerous papers, we can deliver a CD with all the information or it can simply be published online for the free disposal of the attendees or interested parties.
  8. With mobile technologies, applications and social networks the tendency is to carry out more and more playful actions. The events aim to end the passivity of the public and get their participation through the game. Presentations of more than half an hour in PowerPoint can cause the audience to lose interest. That is why practical workshops, competitions, do-it-yourself activities, and role-playing games begin to be incorporated to increase the attention and motivation of the attendees.
  9. Through the web, you get easy access to all the information related to the event: program, speakers, etc.
  10. Finally, technology is useful in planning the event, during development, but especially in order to analyze its success. Through technology, we can extract data and opinions that allow us to obtain a more thorough evaluation of our event.


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