Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. After the accident, you will probably be confused and frightened about what will happen, especially if you are injured. You may want to have the whole thing over with and let the insurance company figure it out. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes don’t have your best interests in mind. This is where a motorcycle accident attorney will come into play.

Insurance Companies May Deny Your Claim

When the adjuster comes to look at the damage to your motorcycle, they might deny your claim because they do not see the personal, emotional, physical and property damage that the accident caused. Insurance companies are there to make money, and it is not that they don’t care, but some insurance companies will try to avoid paying a claim if possible. They might also pay the bare minimum. An attorney can help you find compensation in your policy that you might not even realize was available.

An Attorney Is on Your Side

After an accident, it might not seem like someone cares. Your attorney is on your side, not the side of the insurance company or the person that hit you. They are there to root for you and make sure that you get what you deserve. Most attorneys are knowledgeable about accidents and the struggles of those who are in them. They understand what you are going through and are usually prepared for what is coming. They can help you prepare as well.

Don’t wait to contact a professional motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles – the sooner you get legal help, the better your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries.

They Can Negotiate

Negotiation is a big part of getting an insurance settlement. Without it, there is a good chance that you will get less than what you deserve. In cases involving motorcycles, more often than not, it is the other vehicles fault. If this is not recognized, you may end up receiving a lesser settlement. An attorney will help you negotiate upwards from what their original offer was. Not only is negotiation important, but they can also evaluate what your claim is worth.

They Help You Present Evidence

Evidence is extremely important in any negotiation. You have to prove why you should get the settlement you need. An attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents is aware of how devastating they can be and will help you gather and present the evidence that backs your claims up. They are experts in gathering and presenting the evidence you need. Many law firms have investigative teams that will work for you to help substantiate your claim.

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They Represent Your Interests if You Cannot

Motorcycle accident injuries may leave you struggling. Right after the accident, you might not be capable of representing yourself because of injuries or illness. Your attorney will appear on your behalf to ensure your interests are represented in any proceeding related to the accident. They are there for you if you cannot be.

Attorneys know the law and can apply it where necessary. That is what their primary function is. It is good to have someone who is on your side during any insurance or court proceeding. They can smooth the way and make sure that your claim is heard fairly and accurately.

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