2017 Back to School Guide

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Tackle Reading by Kathryn Starke

Tackle Reading by Kathryn Starke Another Back to School Helpful

Reading is so beneficial, yet many kids struggle with their reading.  Without a basis of reading, kids will falter in so many other subjects.  Math requires reading, especially when you have to do word problems, so all subjects require that your child can read.

Kathryn Starke’s book Tackle Reading is great! Tackle Reading is a resource that will motivate children, support parents, and inspire teachers and fellow educators to love literacy. This book contains stories written by NFL players, celebrities, and authors who are passionate about reading education. I love how this book incorporates people that adults and children can relate to, and not stuffy reading. (reading that will bore your child or even yourself)

It also includes pieces, lesson plans, activities, and guidance provided by literacy leaders, educators, and organizations dedicated to improving literacy instruction for all children.

You can visit Kathryn below:

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The Foolproof Blueprint for High School Success: The Four Year Plan by Neha Gupta

The Foolproof Blueprint for High School Success: The 4 Year Plan by Neha Gupta

Where was this book when my daughter started high school?  Granted she did get accepted into the college she wanted to go to.  She is now just starting her Senior year at SUNY Purchase majoring in Psychology, but this book would have been so helpful.

Sadly I was under the assumption that looking into colleges starts in your Junior year of high school, but really you aren’t helping your child if you do not have a ‘plan’.  I wasn’t prepared when my second child decided to go to college as he was my first to go since my oldest went into the Marine Corp.  I found reading this book that it is better to prepare ahead of time so you are not racing to get in under the clock.

You will enjoy reading what Neha has to offer with her insight and blueprint of how to do this as you go and not all at the last minute.

“I wrote The 4 Year Plan with over 20 valedictorians by my side. Every single chapter gives insight into what students need to do in each month of their high school career in order to succeed. This book speaks to teens directly, and helps them to navigate the noisy, stressful high school experience and have an action plan, strategy, and vision for their dreams.” – Neha Gupta

Easy to read and available on Kindle on Amazon. (affiliate link).  If you purchase a copy I will receive a small commission from your purchase.
Perfect for the parent/child looking forward to what comes after high school and allowing you to be a head of the game. Wonderful tips, information, for your teen to start their journey to their goal of attending the college of their choice.

Teens are so busy during high school that sometimes they feel they can wait til “later” to figure it all out.  This book will guide their way and help them on their journey for after their high school career.

You can visit Neha’s page on Amazon. |College ShortcutsElite Private Tutors |Neha Gupta on Twitter

Do You Own a Clipa? If Not You Will Want One

Do You Own a Clipa? If Not You Will Want One or More

Ohhhh Clipa where have you been all of my life? Too many times I have had to {insert gasp} put my purse on the bathroom floor in airports or other less than clean places.  But that is no longer going to happen now that I own 4 Clipas.  They are so awesome. [Read More…]

PhoneSoap 2.0 The New Way to Clean Your Cell Phone

PhoneSoap 2.0 The New Way to Clean Your Cell Phone

I love PhoneSoap 2.0! My cell phone can get pretty dirty between being against my face (although clean mind you) it still has oils and makeup that seems to transfer to my phone.  Then there is my hand dirt.  I also have 2 grandchildren that love to play games on my phone.  Zak is 2 and seems to know his way around my phone whether it is looking at pictures or playing Bubble Witch on my pone as he calls it. [Read More…]

Epic! It is Where ALL the Books Live!

Epic! It is Where ALL the Books Live! The Largest Digital Library for 12 and Under

Epic! is where the reading awaits you and your child.

Reading has always been a favorite of mine.  When I was younger a trip to the library was one of my favorite things to do.  Sometimes I would get the same book I had read already but if it was a favorite I enjoyed it just as much the second time as I did the first.  When I got older if I found an author that I really liked I would buy all of the books I could from that author so I could just keep on reading.  When I became a parent and from very young ages I started reading to my kids before they went to sleep.  At one point bedtime took me forever [Read More…]

Stow no Go for Back to School and Traveling!

Stow n Go for Back to School and Traveling!

When I saw this stow n go I immediately thought of my daughter at college.  They have closets but not a lot of shelving.  I know it is mainly for traveling but as a closet accessory, I thought this would a great addition to her dorm room.

Take your wardrobe on the road with the Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System. Fitting snugly into your suitcase, this 3-tiered portable closet with laundry compartment keeps your clothes neat and tidy for a more organized travel experience.

  • The Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System keeps your clothes neat and tidy during all your travels
  • 3-tiered luggage organizer with high-strength steel hooks
  • Keeps clothes organized and tidy during travel
  • Zipper closure
  • Dirty laundry compartment
  • Fits 15″ suitcase and larger
  • 100% polyester
  • Small measures 11.8″ L x 11.8″ W x 25.2″ H
  • Large measures 11.8″ L x 17.7″ W x 25.2″ H

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The Inflatable,Deflatable, Portable and Packable Car Booster Seat


The Inflatable, Deflatable, Portable and Packable Car Booster Seat from Bubble Bum

If you have a child that needs a booster seat, you know how inconvenient it can be to have a friend or family member pick up your child. You have to either make the booster seat exchange or send the seat with your child. If your child is getting picked up from school, then the booster seat is left out in the hallway or by the car line. This can be frustrating and inconvenient for all parties involved.  [Read More…]

I Heart Raves Sports Wear for Men and Women and Much More

I Heart Raves Sports Wear for Men and Women and Much More!

What is I Heart Raves?

Until I was offered to review a couple items from I Heart Raves, I will be honest that I hadn’t heard of them.  Now that I have I can’t believe I hadn’t come across them before now.  They have the neatest apparel. [Read More…]

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