10 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

woman sleeping

woman sleeping

10 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

By getting the correct amount of sleep each night, you can greatly improve your overall quality of life. Practicing the proper sleep habits helps immensely.

When you follow these common sleep practices regularly, you are able to keep a set sleep schedule and feel more well rested upon waking up:

1. Set A Schedule and Stick To It

While the weekends may be a tempting time to stay up super late, going to bed at the same times each night helps your body to develop a better natural rhythm.

2. Begin a Relaxing Bedtime Ritual

Excitement and anxiety can make it very difficult to catch some shut eye. When it’s time for bed, step away from the screens and lights and develop a calm, soothing ritual that works for you.

3. Steer Clear Of Naps

An afternoon nap may feel amazing in the moment, but they are one of the primary catalysts for insomnia. That short catnap you take in the afternoon is usually the culprit for your lack of sleep at night.

4. Daily Exercise

As long as you are not exercising at the expense of your sleeping time, any type of exercise at any time of day will work wonders on your ability to sleep.

5. Provide a Healthy Sleep Environment

Take a look around your bedroom and make the necessary changes to enhance your quality of sleep. Bedrooms should be kept cool, free of noisy distractions, and if you have a partner who snores, look into using devices to minimize it.

6. Comfy Sleeping Quarters

If your pillows and mattresses are not comfortable, you will struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Mattresses have a life expectancy of roughly ten years, so if yours is older, it may be time to swap it out. Getting one doesn’t even have to be expensive if you use a Kohl’s coupon code.

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7. Bright Lights Are a No No

Too many bright lights at night will disrupt your body’s Circadian rhythms, so avoid them whenever possible. Make sure to expose yourself to the morning’s sunlight, as this bolsters the aforementioned rhythms.

8. No Late Night Cocktails, Cigarettes or Big Meals

By consuming alcohol, tobacco or caffeine late at night, you are disrupting your body’s natural process of unwinding after a long day. Snacking and drinking late at night can upset the stomach and keep you from sleeping through the night.

9. Wind Down On Your Own

Your body does not shift into sleep mode automatically, so spend the last hour or so of your day winding down with a quiet or soothing activity. Avoiding electronics before bed will help greatly during this process.

10. Leave The Room If You Can’t Sleep

In order to strengthen the connection your mind makes between sleep and your bed, do all of your nighttime winding down in a separate room. Otherwise, your mind and body could become confused about the purpose of each household area.

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