What are the benefits of using Amperity?

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Amperity, based in Seattle, is the latest unicorn startup to hit the tech industry. It recently secured a $100 million funding round to supercharge its customer data platform.

Amperity helps companies understand their customers better by collecting data from various sources and gaming it for a unified customer view. The platform offers many company benefits, and now let’s get into the details.

Overview of Amperity

Amperity is a cloud-based customer data platform that helps companies gain deep insights into their customers and grow loyalty. With revolutionary technology and solutions, Amperity seamlessly takes fragmented customer data from multiple sources and turns it into unified customer profiles that can be used to build deeper relationships with customers in the context of their circumstances.

Using Amperity, organisations can recognize existing customers, increase visibility into factors driving future activity, and reveal opportunities for further customer engagement. Advanced models created on the Amperity platform use predictive methods to help identify actionable segments to power personalised campaigns that drive growth across marketing channels.

Amperity’s suite of solutions includes capabilities such as:

  • Identity resolution (customer match).
  • Single source 360-degree customer views.
  • Data acquisition & integration.
  • Segmentation & recommendations.
  • Insights & analytics.

These solutions help marketers build meaningful relationships with consumers while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. With Amperity, companies get access to the data they need securely to confidently reach the right people at the right time with the right message for maximum effect.

Amperity is Seattle’s latest unicorn with $100M round to supercharge its customer data platform

Seattle’s latest unicorn, Amperity, raised $100M in a round to fuel its customer data platform. Amperity has allowed businesses to build a 360-degree view of their customers and enrich the customer experience from the wealth of customer data collected.

Through its powerful platform, customers and companies reap the benefits of data analysis and insights. In this article, we will go into detail on the benefits that Amperity provides.

Increased Customer Insights

One of the major benefits of using Amperity is its ability to help businesses gain access to deep customer insights that can be used to make more informed decisions when developing and marketing products. With Amperity’s cloud-based software, companies can easily integrate data from multiple sources such as web tracking and customer surveys, allowing for a comprehensive view of their customers’ behaviour and preferences.

Additionally, Amperity uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help its users quickly analyse the vast amount of customer data they collect to uncover key trends and highlight areas for improvement.

By leveraging these deeper insights into their customers, businesses using Amperity can better understand who they are targeting, anticipate customer needs, identify new growth opportunities, and tailor their marketing strategies more precisely. Through real-time segmentation capabilities and detailed insights into past purchases, customers can be provided with personalised offers instead of relying on a one-size-fits all approach. This kind of customisation results in a stronger engagement with your brand overall.

Overall, taking advantage of the features available through Amperity can allow companies to make effective use of data and get closer to understanding the mindsets of their customers to come up with tailored solutions that will improve their bottom line.

Improved Customer Engagement

Amperity empowers brands to enhance customer engagement by providing deeper customer insights and creating personalised consumer experiences. Companies can easily access customer details such as purchase behaviour, demographics, product usage, and contact information. This helps them tailor personalised experiences to keep customers engaged while allowing them to better understand their needs.

Amperity also tracks individual-level data across multiple sources, including traditional loyalty programs, digital channels, brick-and-mortar stores and third-party marketplaces. This intelligent customer unification links real identity with digital activity to develop a unified view of each customer’s journey.

Using Amperity’s powerful analytics platform allows brands to identify key trends in customer purchases and develop tailored marketing campaigns designed for higher conversion rates. By leveraging advanced AI-driven segmentation techniques on continually updated consumer data, companies can target their customers more precisely with relevant communications they appreciate.

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As a result, improved customer engagement can lead to increased sales opportunities and higher retention rates over time.

Enhanced Personalization

Amperity’s Customer Data Platform allows businesses to enhance their customer personalization. It enables them to create a 360-degree view of their customers’ data, capture unique customer attributes, and identify key customers. Through integration with major data sources like loyalty programs, surveys, POS systems, and more, Amperity provides businesses with a holistic picture of their customers that can be used to provide more personalised experiences.

Amperity’s unrivalled data standardisation and consolidation capabilities allow businesses to create an up-to-date single source of truth for all customer data. This is crucial for delivering comprehensive personalization across channels. Amperity’s platform also ensures customers are treated as individuals regardless of how many different accounts they have tied to a business — a feature often neglected by other customer personalization solutions.

Through its machine learning technology, Amperity also gives insight into micro-segmentation opportunities for individualised campaigns for outbound marketing and communications across channels like email and direct mail (eDM). With this insight, businesses can optimise the timing, frequency and relevance of communications based on the individual consumer’s preferences to increase customer engagement and maximise campaign ROI.

Taking full advantage of the capabilities offered by Amperity can give your business an unprecedented edge in your industry when it comes to personalised customer service at scale.Amperity is Seattle’s latest unicorn with $100M round to supercharge its customer data platform

Increased Conversion Rates

Amperity allows companies to have a better understanding of their customers. This customer intelligence can increase conversion rates in various marketing activities. For example, marketers can use Amperity’s predictive analytics capabilities to identify the most likely customers to convert and target them with personalised messaging.

Market segmentation also plays an important role in increasing conversion rates. Companies that use Amperity can segment their customers more accurately by combining customer profile data with insights gained from previous interactions with each customer. This enables marketing teams to create more targeted campaigns tailored to specific types of customers, allowing them to reach the right people at the right time and convert them into paying customers faster.

Additionally, Amperity’s Platform API allows for easier customer data integration across departments and systems within an organisation. This combination of unified customer profiles and connected customer data provides marketers with real-time insights on their audience that can be used to improve campaigns and ensure a better return on investment (ROI).

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By taking advantage of the benefits provided by Amperity, organisations can boost their conversion rate considerably and work smarter rather than harder when segmenting and reaching out to potential customers.

Use Cases

Amperity is a powerful customer data platform which allows companies to quickly and easily understand their customers better. In addition, it gives businesses the ability to manage customer data, as well as track and measure customer journeys.

In this section, we’ll explore the various use cases that Amperity can offer.


The ability to deliver personalised experiences based on customer behaviour is at the very core of Amperity’s platform. With a comprehensive 360-degree view of each customer, retailers can unlock powerful insights on buying patterns and customise interactions based on individual preferences. In addition, our unmatched unification technology provides a deep understanding of customer lifestyle, enabling retailers to make business decisions with unprecedented accuracy.

With Amperity Retail, companies can boost campaigns and monetize data by eliminating the need for manual integration and providing greater access to existing data sources. By leveraging Amperity’s flexible platform organisations gain further understanding into customer segments and create tailored shopping experiences that drive loyalty and increase ROI. Additionally, organisations have more control over their marketing efforts as Amperity helps them save time and resources by automating tedious tasks such as creating new segments, utilising lookalikes from one channel or segment across multiple channels or creating campaigns from scratch in no time.

Send timely engagements at scale while eliminating errors and leveraging timely insights with automated tools such as propensity models, custom metrics like repurchase rate or engagement scores that quickly provide accurate predictions on what customers will buy next — all coupled with real-time updates to stay ahead of changing consumer habits in the ever-evolving retail space.


Amperity’s platform enables more personalised and meaningful customer relationships for banking customers. Financial service providers can use Amperity to recognize customers across channels, devices, geographies, and product lines. In addition, financial services providers can better understand customer behaviour for more personalization by connecting data sources and making it available in real-time.

Additionally, the Amperity platform enables banks to classify visitors with common attributes to personalise campaigns leading to appropriate products or offers and increase loyalty among existing customers. This leads to improved customer engagement and helps providers maximise profits by leveraging insights from past customer interactions and new customers who enter the market.

Through its advanced AI-powered algorithms and machine-learning capabilities, Amperity allows financial services organisations to quickly analyse massive amounts of secure data in real-time for a faster time-to-value than would otherwise be possible by manually connecting disparate datasets across several costly systems financially and in terms of personnel capacity.


Businesses in the hospitality industry are well-positioned to benefit from leveraging Amperity’s customer data management platform. By seamlessly connecting disparate systems into one unified source of truth, Amperity enables a 360-degree view of each customer so companies can provide personalised and meaningful interactions that win loyalty and drive revenue.

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Amperity’s strength lies in its ability to easily integrate with diverse systems such as point of sale (POS) solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, business intelligence (BI) platforms, loyalty programs, marketing automation tools and more. This ease of integration helps businesses reduce costs associated with connecting and maintaining multiple applications.

Once data is unified within Amperity, hospitality operators can quickly identify actionable insights to drive personalization across their properties – from luxury boutique hotels to large vacation rental chains with multiple owners. In addition, hospitality managers can expand segmentation capabilities by combining traditional demographics like gender and age with ownable attributes such as acceptance or engagement with campaigns or services like room service or spa treatments.

With this new level of insight into their guests’ behaviours, hotels can tailor experiences that reflect each guest’s preferences while delivering unexpected delights at the right times during their stay – boosting customer loyalty rates and increased brand advocacy outside the walls of the property.

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