3 Camping Spots in Zion National Park You Have to Try

3 Camping Spots in Zion National Park You Have to Try

Visitors come year-round to Zion National Park for the hiking, horseback riding, nature, and beautiful sights. Whether it’s just you or you have little ones visiting with you, there’s something for every age to enjoy. Although there are many places to stay in or near the park, nothing beats camping in a tent, enjoying nature and the starry skies. These are a few areas we recommend for your camping trip:

Zion Crest Campground

We love this area because it’s at a higher elevation than others, so you’re away from city lights and artificial lights. You can see millions and millions of glittery stars at night while being completely immersed in nature. These campgrounds also have access to lots of amenities so you’ll still feel like you’re on vacation. You can enjoy a pool, hot tub, wireless internet, hot showers, access to a restaurant and more. The best part about camping here during the warmer summer months is the cooler temperatures. Because of the higher elevation, this campsite doesn’t get nearly as hot as others on the canyon floor. Families and individuals traveling by RV can also park and enjoy the east rim of the canyon.

South Campground

For those campers who enjoy the desert, the South Campground area is a good choice. This is located near the south entrance around Springdale, Utah. There aren’t many trees to give off shade, so it’s a warmer environment. In this area, some campsites run alongside the Virgin River, which is a fun escape from the warm summer. Since this area is closer to Springdale, there are also shops and restaurants close by for a quick bite to eat or relief from the heat. These grounds have fewer comforts than the Zion Crest sites, as they don’t have showers or electrical outlets.

Lava Point Campground

If you’re looking for a free camping experience, you might enjoy the Lava Point grounds. They’re open June – October and have six campsites, but you’ll want to get there pretty early in the day because it’s first-come-first-serve. We recommend this for the most rugged of campers because you get what you (don’t) pay for. You won’t find water or any amenities here — there are only pit toilets and trash cans. It’s located a little farther away than other sites, but it’s still a gorgeous area. In this area, you can go hiking and biking. To get to Lava Point, you’ll drive 26 miles off of Highway 9 in the town of Virgin, Utah.

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No matter where you stay in Zion, you can enjoy beautiful skies, captivating hiking and lots of adventure. But be sure to book your campsite in advance (if possible) because they do fill up quickly during the spring and summer months. To enhance your trip, check out the many guided hikes and family-friendly adventures through East Zion Adventure company.

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