3 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter

3 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter

Many of us will start to feel a little more run-down in the winter, with less daylight, cold nights setting in, and cases of the winter flu going around. When it’s dark and cold outside, we are often less motivated to get out to the gym and more inclined to eat larger portions too. Self-care is really important in the wintertime when we are prone to feeling tired and sluggish. Luckily with a few simple steps, you’ll soon be feeling your best!

Take your vitamins 

You’ll know that a vitamin-rich diet is essential to stay fit and healthy. In the wintertime,, taking a few extra supplements on top of your diet can work wonders. With the right vitamins, you’ll give your immune system a boost and help prevent yourself from catching the flu. It’s an excellent go-to to take a vitamin D supplement in the wintertime (otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin)! Vitamin D is naturally produced in your skin due to sunlight, so it stands to reason that we don’t get as much of it in the winter. Vitamin C is also a perfect way to stay healthy. Ensure that you eat lots of vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits, spinach, and broccoli. You can take a vitamin supplement in addition to this for that extra lift. 

Winter wardrobe 

Keeping warm is a pretty good excuse to revamp your winter wardrobe! Wearing the wrong materials in the cold and rain is a real quick way to catch the flu. Wool is an excellent choice for the winter because it’s warm while also being water-resistant. It’s durable, so wool items will last you a few winters at least. Fur coats are a great option to keep you nice and warm, but you’ll want a thick waterproof back- up for those rainy days. Earmuffs are a winter must-have to protect your ears from the cold. Overexposure to the cold can lead to ear infections, trapped fluid, or a blocked ear canal. If you’re worried about your hearing health or ears, it’s best to see an ENT Doctor for a check-up. 

Keep up the exercise 

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Winter is one of those times when our exercise regime can slip up a little bit. The problem is, when we fail to exercise our endorphin levels drop, and we feel more run-down. If you can’t make it out to the gym, why not try and do a work out at home? Even a little twenty-minute aerobics session is enough to feel more positive. The more that you can keep up a good regime, the more that your energy levels rise will rise! 

Some of us tend to feel a bit down in the wintertime, due to reduced exposure to sunlight. Try to prioritize your self-care as much as possible. Treat yourself to a few self-care favorites, from spa-days to practicing yoga or buying yourself a few gifts; be kind to yourself. 


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