3 Top Tips for Preparing a Home to Sell

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Planning to put your home on the market? Give yourself a little time to make sure you’re your home is ready to make a great first impression on potential buyers. Prepare your Homes for sale in Maricopa AZ with these three top tips.

1. Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Your landscaping is a significant part of your home’s overall curb appeal. Good landscaping makes potential buyers take notice of your property and take a closer look at what your home has to offer. Before you list your home, remove all landscaping debris from your property. This is also a great time to complete tree removal projects. If you have sickly or dead trees in the yard, buyers see this as a project that they’ll need to do later. Get the job done before listing your home so that your landscaping becomes a selling point instead of a problem.  

2. Create Exterior Focal Points

Expert realtors stress the importance of curb appeal in the sale of any home. Creating attractive focal points is another great way to enhance the curb appeal of your property. Luckily, there are some quick ways to add character to the front of your home and make a smart financial investment at the same time. Start by either renovating or replacing your garage door and your front door. Once you’ve given your doors a refresher, consider further enhancing these entry points by installing stone veneer around them. When these projects are done in conjunction with one another, they give you an excellent return on your investment. Not only will your curb appeal improve, but you’ll also be able to command a higher price when you list your home.

3. Perform Thorough Cleaning

Before potential buyers come through your door, you need to be sure that your home is clean, both inside and out. Spend a weekend performing deep cleaning throughout the house and focus on kitchens and bathrooms – buyers are especially picky when it comes to cleanliness in these rooms.

You should also address any odors in the home during this time. A trick that realtors always recommend is to sprinkle baking soda on any carpeted areas of the home. Leave it to sit for fifteen minutes, then vacuum it up to remove any odors that are trapped in carpets or rugs. In addition, think about adding some house plants throughout the house. Plants like roses, eucalyptus or lavender add pleasant scents to any room, and they add beauty, too.

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Don’t forget to spend some time cleaning the exterior of your house before putting it on the market. It’s helpful to rent a power washer to give your exterior walls and all paved surfaces, including driveways and walkways, a good cleaning. After power washing the exterior, go back and wash the windows separately.

Completing some prep work before you list your home actually saves you time in the long run. Follow these tips and you’ll generate the interest that you need to make potential buyers choose your home over the competition.

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