4 Important Reasons Why Basement Waterproofing Matters

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You have a large basement and would love to do something with space. Before you begin to have visions of turning the basement into any type of room, it pays to take care of the basics. That’s where having the space waterproofed and properly sealed comes into the picture. Here are four important reasons why that waterproofing will make such a difference.

Preventing Mold from Developing

Basements can be dank areas without some type of treatment. The last thing you need is to spend a lot of money renovating a basement in Brampton only to have the carpeting and furnishings ruined by mold and mildew. When you choose to have the space waterproofed before any of the renovation work is done, you eliminate what could be a costly and unhealthy situation from developing.

Reducing the Potential for Infestations

One of the things that waterproofing does is prevent infestations from occurring. Since the area is properly sealed, it’s more difficult for any type of pest to get into space. Nothing is quite as disconcerting as spending time in your new game room or family room only to notice there is a line of ants parading down one of the walls. If space is properly sealed, that is much less likely to happen. Instead, you get to enjoy your newly renovated space without sharing it with unwelcome guests.

Minimize the Possibility of Flooding

While flooding is not something you will have to worry about a lot, it can happen. Excessive rain can saturate the ground surrounding your basement walls and lead to water seepage. If you have arranged for a professional to waterproof those walls, the odds of any type of flooding to occur from the outside is kept to a minium. That means you will be more in danger of flooding from something like a broken water heater than several weeks of continual rain.

Protect Your Home’s Value

There is no doubt that a finished basement adds to the market value of the home. Even if it will be years before the home is offered for sale, the amount you can get for the place will be substantially more if the basement is waterproofed. Prospective owners will not see a dreary and slightly smelly space. Instead, they will notice the basement is beautifully decorated, smells fresh, and is dry as a bone.

If you have a basement and have been thinking about converting it from storage space to living space. now is the time to contact a professional who knows what it takes to properly waterproof Mississauga basements. Along the way, you are likely to talk with someone who can take care of the job and then help you with any additional renovation work needed. In less time than you thought possible, what was once empty space will become a place that you and your family enjoy every day.

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