4 Outdoor Jobs That Pay Well Without a College Degree and How to Get Them


Some people cannot afford a college education, and others prefer to start earning money right after high school. However, most believe that getting a college degree makes it impossible to get high-paying jobs.

But the reality is that if you are up for working outdoors, the options are endless. And yes, the payment is good!

However, note that working outdoors is not for everyone. In fact, as per data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 4% of the American work population is employed in outdoor jobs. After all, being at the mercy of the forces of nature is just not for everybody.

But if you believe you have what it needs, here are all the jobs you need to know about!

1. Camp Counselor

If you are up for some good ol’ adventure with your tribe, then the job of a camp counselor will fit you quite well. You will manage programs involving children and teenagers at summer camps.

Your typical responsibilities will include curating engaging informative and recreational activities for the members of the camp, a.k.a. the campers, to experience.

You will also have to supervise campers and ensure their health and safety are looked into. Although you don’t need any degree to land this job, you will undergo practical and theoretical training to check your bandwidth. After all, you will be responsible for mostly minors.

2. Traffic Controller

It is a no-brainer that traffic can be very frustrating and rough. So, a job defined by such parameters is tough, and it’s not for everyone.


You will have to be on the go constantly and carry out your part responsibly for smooth traffic flow, even in emergencies, like an ambulance trying to get through peak traffic hours.

If you think this job is for you, you should have a white card, traffic management, and traffic control courses. Rather, most recruiting companies need you to have these three tickets to be a traffic controller.

If you are based in Australia, some great traffic control courses Melbourne can help you be competent to control traffic using stop and slow batons to ensure the safety of the public, maintenance, construction workers, and more.

3. Ski Instructor

If you like chilly cold weather, you can seek a job as a ski instructor. You will have to work at ski resorts (winter recreational destinations). You will be responsible for effectively teaching guests of all ages to ski properly and maintain their own and others’ safety.


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In other words, your job role will require you to guide and help learners develop their skiing skills and work on their confidence and courage to hit the slopes; while maintaining safety precautions.

This is quite a dangerous sport, and you must be vigilant about a lot to be a ski instructor. You will have to undergo extensive training to equip yourself with the necessary skills on the slopes, not to mention you need to be prolific at skiing yourself.

4. Wildlife Photographer and Videographer

This job, for real, is not for the faint-hearted. Being one with nature, however hostile it might be, you must be equipped for the worst for your “money shot.”

You will have to adjust to nature’s clock and put your life on the line (quite literally and more often than you think) to make your mark as a wildlife photographer and videographer. This is perhaps one of the most difficult of all the other kinds of this art form.

If you have a camera and know what you are doing, you don’t need a degree to prove your talent. Your talent, as portrayed in your work portfolio, is more than enough to be recognized.

The pay can differ depending on where and who you’re working for. However, if there is a scope for monetary benefits, it will be good!

Final Thoughts

A single piece of paper hardly determines your talent and course of future. It can influence it for sure, but not control it. With the right training, skillset, and determination, many outdoor jobs will pay you well without having to present a college degree.

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