4 Tips For Tucking In A T Shirt


Did you think there were so many tips for tucking in a t-shirt? Well, there is. If you do it wrong, you’ll look questionable. Do it right, and it can look really good. And believe us, there’s an art to tucking in a t-shirt, right? It’s not exactly always fashionable, and you can make it look much worse.

Below, we’ll give you four tips for helping you tuck in a t-shirt without it looking unflattering.

Choose the Right Fit

You need the right fit. Tuck the wrong t-shirt into your trousers, and you’ll give off Napoleon Dynamite vibes. You can get plenty of high-quality wholesale t shirts with the right fit from online websites like Wordans.

The right fit for a tucked shirt is more relaxed. But not too relaxed, you don’t want a really oversized t-shirt, there will be too much to tuck. One that’s too tight won’t provide enough fabric to secure the tuck comfortably.

The Full Tuck

The full tuck. The full monty. If you’re committing to the full tuck, you have to do it right.

Start by putting your t-shirt on before your trousers or skirt. Once they’re on, evenly tuck the hem of the t-shirt into the waistband around your body. You want the fabric to be smooth and flat against your skin to avoid bunching.

Finish by adjusting your bottoms to sit comfortably at your waist. This technique works best with high-waisted pants or skirts.

The French Tuck

The French tuck, or half-tuck, is popular. It’s relaxed yet intentional. This method involves tucking in only the front portion of your t-shirt – you might have done it with your high school shirt if you were feeling extra rebellious.


Gently tuck a small section of your t-shirt into the front of your jeans or trousers, and let the sides and back drape naturally. Sometimes, the natural drape doesn’t look good, and you’ll have to adjust it.

See Also

Tucking Tools

Yes, believe it or not, there are tucking tools. You can get t-shirt stays – they clip onto the bottom of your t-shirt and attach to your thigh, which can keep your shirt smoothly tucked throughout the day. It depends on how seriously you’re taking your tuck.

Bodysuit-style t-shirts are also good. You could say they come ready tucked for you.

Fabric and Style

The material and style will influence the quality of your tuck. Lighter fabrics, like cotton or linen, tend to tuck easily. They’re not bulky. T-shirts with a straight or slightly curved hem are generally easier to tuck. Think about these factors when selecting a t-shirt for your perfect tuck.


Don’t underestimate tucking your t-shirt into your trousers. You can look less than fashionable if you do it wrong. Do it right, and it doesn’t look too bad. Do you have a favorite way to tuck your t-shirt into your trousers? Probably not, but you probably do now.

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