4 Types of Crimes and their Cleanups


With the rise in population and development all over the world, the demands and greed for money have also been increasing. This, with the combination of unemployment, has led to a considerable rise in crime. Law enforcement has obviously been catching up with these crimes from time to time. 

There are many situations where the crime scene is contaminated with a lot of unwanted and hazardous waste. In many situations, the cleanup can not be done by regular people thus there are experts available for these kinds of intrinsic tasks. 

It is very important to clean the aftermath of the scene due to a lot of reasons. Let’s have a look at the different scenarios that require tidying up after and also a few detailed reasons why the cleanup is necessary.

Various crimes in Question

There is obviously a huge variety of crime scenes that are required to be cleaned up quickly after the authorities are done with investigations. We will segregate the crimes into 4 main categories.

Violent Crimes Leading to Loss of Human Life

Hundreds of violent crimes happen every day in every country. The ones that lead to the death of a human or humans, comes in this category. 

In such scenarios, there is a task to dispose of the body of the victim. There are a lot of sentiments flowing about any such incident, thus crime scene cleanup in such situations has to be done very carefully and thoughtfully. The body needs to be disposed of very carefully without leaving behind any bloodstains that may carry infectious diseases.

Violent Crimes Leading to Harm to Humans and Property

There are crimes that don’t lead to murder but end up damaging some property or causing physical harm to other people. This would mostly end up with some rubble or blood on the floor and at other places, the crime would have taken place.

Pieces of rubble may disrupt the normal routine of the public and the bloodstains, as discussed, are also harmful. Thus it is quite important to do away with these agents.

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Non-violent Crimes Leading to Harm to Humans and Property

Furthermore, there are misdeeds that are not initiated with violence but do end up physically harming humans and property. Some common examples would include gas leakages, mold formations, water damage and so on. These situations can turn dangerous very quickly thus fast and quick cleanup is the only solution.

Drug labs

Drug abuse is prevalent in a lot of countries. Mostly criminals convert private houses into labs to make a variety of drugs. These houses have traces of hazardous chemicals all over and are quite unhabitable. Various kinds of chemicals are used to wash away the traces and to fix the aroma of the place in question. This type of cleansing is best left at the hands of experienced professionals.

Cleansing a crime scene is paramount and should not be ignored. Investigations take a lot of time and at that time there are high chances of spreading diseases and dangerous fumes around the crime spot. The cleanup agencies need to have good links with the authorities to be able to reach the scene on time and to be able to co-ordinate matters on the spot.


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