4 Ways to Start Going Green

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4 Ways to Start Going Green

After hearing about wasted resources and the impact the waste has on the environment, you may have decided to start going green. If you want to do your best to preserve and conserve the different natural resources that are available and protect the environment, there are several ways to start going green and begin living a life that is much less wasteful than before.

Stop Using as Much Water

One of the natural resources people often waste without giving it much thought is water. How many times have you left the water running while you were brushing your teeth or even washing the dishes? It may not seem like a big deal, but you could be wasting hundreds of gallons of water throughout each year. Not only is it wasteful, but it will cost you more money. If you are trying to go green, focus on using less water than you normally would. In fact, simply turning off the faucet while you are brushing or opting to take a shower instead of a bath could easily help you conserve more water.

You may even feel inspired enough to want to support an initiative that is all about conserving water and preventing it from being wasted. By supporting the Cadiz Water Project, you are supporting a project designed to develop a new supply of water while preventing it from being evaporated and wasted. If the water is not evaporated, it may be used by people living in California, thus conserving a natural resource that is often unknowingly wasted.

Purchase and Use Some Reusable Shopping Bags

Instead of using plastic shopping bags at different stores, bring some reusable shopping bags along with you. You can easily reduce waste by using these options instead of putting your groceries and other items in plastic bags. There are different types of reusable options available, but if you want these bags to last quite a long time, you should consider purchasing cloth options. If they end up getting dirty from any of the items you have placed inside of them, you would always be able to throw them in the washing machine to clean them before reusing them again on your next shopping trip.

Get a Water Filter and Drink From the Tap

While drinking water is naturally good for you, there is a possibility you are spending hundreds of dollars each year on those plastic water bottles that are often sold at grocery stores. However, if you could eliminate the use of those plastic water bottles, you would be doing your share of preventing waste while saving money simultaneously. Simply invest in a filter for the faucet so that you can drink clean water directly from your sink. There are also water pitchers available with filters installed inside of them so that you can keep some fresh and cold water ready for you in the fridge when you want to drink it.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances in Your Home

If the appliances you are using are not energy-efficient, it is the right time to replace them. The energy-efficient options will typically have the Energy Star logo displayed on them. These types of items conserve energy yet work just as well as appliances that are not energy-efficient.

Going green is worth it for several reasons. It is much better for the environment because you are reducing waste and preserving some of the different natural resources that are available to you. Aside from having a positive impact on the environment, choosing to go green could help you save a lot of money each year. You will notice the savings and could even decide to spend that money on all kinds of other things, such as a vacation with loved ones or more energy-efficient items that will continue to help you conserve energy over time.


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Mia Rose
Mia Rose

We are trying our best to be greener and do always bring our reusable bags to the grocery store. I have found they are easy to reuse and wash in the machine.

donna porter
donna porter

My family and I try to go green as much as possible. Thanks for the great tips!

Sheila Ressel
Sheila Ressel

I have put all of these suggestions to use in my home. It makes me feel I am doing my part in making my world a better place.