4 Ways You Can Be the Ideal Sports Parent for Your Kids

4 Ways You Can Be the Ideal Sports Parent for Your Kids

Sports can sometimes bring out the worst in parents. They can be the most loving and caring moms and dads when in the comfort of their home. But out on the field, when the kids are on the line, all parental gloves come off.

There are several telltale signs of being not an ideal sports parent. You’ll know when a parent shouts varying instructions from the sidelines. It should only be the coach barking commands to the players, not the parent. When they do on-the-fly coaching, they only undermine the real coach’s job.

Parents who show displeasure during or after their child’s game are also not a good sign. They are, in fact, sending the wrong message to their kids. But there are ways to keep emotions in check while watching your kid’s game. You too can improve and become better and supportive parents.

Here are a couple of pointers on how to become the ideal sports parent.

Cheer for Everyone

It’s not just your son or daughter playing; there are other kids too who need to feel supported and be cheered on. Everyone works hard and does their best in every sport. They deserve all the love and cheers you can give them that day.

When you say aloud encouraging words for everyone on the team, that is a sure win for you as a parent and as a model adult. Always stay on the positive side of things, even when your kid or the rest of the team are having a rough time on the field. 

Talk Reasonably with the Coach

You can pretty much talk about anything with your kid’s teacher or principal. But when it comes to coaches, it can be a little tricky. Your role as a parent can at times intertwine with their role as coach to your child. It turns even more complicated when your child gets injured during the game.

You must understand the limitations of your parental role. Try not to go overboard when things get tough. There’s always the risk of injury in every sport. Let the coach walk you through the mental and physical pressure your child needs to go through to improve. 

Respect the coach’s methods, and try to keep an open mind the best you can. The thought of putting your child’s life in another person’s hands can be disturbing. However, you can gain more ground by spending enough time with the coach and understanding their way of doing things.

Be a Good Listener

After a tough game, especially when your child is on the losing end, they may need some time and space to let the emotions settle. Be patient, and wait for your kid to open up.

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When they’re ready to talk, you should be prepared with answers and be all ears. Don’t be sparing with loving words. Always let them know you love them no matter what the outcome may be, that you always want them to be happy.

Stay Warm, and Never Miss a Game

A child’s most significant source of confidence is always their parents. Try not to miss any of your child’s game. Always make room for each one in your schedule.

Also, with the upcoming fall weather, make sure you wear the proper clothing while out on the field. It won’t help anyone if you get sick. 

Put on warmers like ponytail headbands and mittens to make sure you don’t catch a cold. Just being present at the game can mean the world to your child. Do your part by taking good care of yourself so you can always be there cheering on and being the parent every kid deserves.


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