5 Best Places to Stay Up-to-Date with Legal News in 2020

5 Best Places to Stay Up to Date with Legal News in 2020

The law profession is constantly changing, and the best lawyers have to stay up to date with every new development in the legal sector. State laws, legal procedures and federal regulations are constantly being revisited and reformed. Fortunately, there are a host of online resources dedicated to getting the most up to date information on legal developments and industry news. 

These are the five best places for lawyers to stay up to date with legal news in 2020 and to ensure you are fulfilling your obligation to your clients to stay at the top of your legal game. 

Law Managing 

Whether you need the latest Brexit developments and their impact on international law, the constantly shifting regulations surrounding autonomous vehicles, or corporate law around the privatization of government services, lawmanaging offers the latest news and insights into every aspect of the legal profession. 

In addition to legal news, legal workers and students can gain important insight into the latest legal trends, as well as case studies, and blog posts about the working lives of many law professionals. 

The National Law Review 

The National Law Review offers legal professionals breaking legal news, business advice and insights, and in-depth features on legal topics like impeachment, FDA regulations, and trademark law. 

The website also covers the latest developments in state courts, international law, and human rights. It, therefore, should feature prominently on any legal scholar or professional’s bookmark bar. 

ABA Journal 

For an accessible destination for all things legal, the ABA Journal offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a thrilling legal podcast to immerse yourself into or all the details on the latest high-profile legal case, chances are the ABA Journal will have what you are looking for. 

The ABA Journal often explores the legal aspect of many trending items in popular culture. The site’s ‘Law in Popular Culture’ section blends the cultural with the legal in an entertaining and informative manner. 

American Bar Association 

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For all things associated with the American Bar Association, American Bar maintains a website with up to date news on the exams themselves, law schools, and the wider law industry. You can also find details on all the latest ABA events and ABA member group publications, as well as scholarly articles written by legal experts. 

Finally, for those looking to kickstart their legal career or make a transition, the ABA maintains a job database. Prospective employers will post their jobs to the site and invite members and non-members to apply. 

Law Technology Today 

Any lawyer practicing today should be aware of, if not actively exploring, the ways technology can make their professional lives easier. Law Technology Today keeps the reader informed on the latest legal tech trends and developments. 

The site offers advice on all aspects of law and technology including cybersecurity, VPNs, billing optimization and the latest legal software. In addition to blog posts, articles, and features, Law Technology Today releases books, academic reports, and podcasts for both law enthusiasts and professionals. 

These are a handful of the best sources of legal news in 2020. Pin them to your bookmarks bar and ensure you don’t miss a single legal development this year. News in 2020

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